060 - ‘Freeze Your Eggs!’ Learn Why With Anna Bervander


This week’s episode is a continuation of where we left off from Episode 052 with Lagom Kids. 

When I asked co-founder of Lagom Kids, Anna if she had any final advice at the end of the episode for you listeners, she suggested for women to ‘freeze your eggs!’. 

Well that intrigued me and we had a brief chat about it after the interview and I found out a little more about her personal journey with IVF. That’s how we also talked about Linda Locke from last week’s episode. Linda was Anna’s mentor through her IVF journey.

If you’re wondering whether you should freeze your eggs, or know a loved one or friend who is considering this, or maybe you just want to learn a bit more about this topic, then I hope Anna’s honest and open sharing will give you some insight from her perspective. 

I really appreciate Anna offering to share this personal experience in the hope of helping someone out there. Don’t forget to let Anna know if what she’s shared helped you in some way. 



Episode with Lagom Kids

Episode with Linda Locke


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