103. We Underestimate What It Takes To Build A Successful Career. We Also Underestimate What We Can Take To Build a Successful Career.


When it comes to building a successful career where we do work we love, get paid really well for it, have autonomy over our time and where we work, i.e. the dream life many people have, we often underestimate what it takes to create this.
For every success story you hear, there are many more you don’t hear who are still trying to build the life they’ve always dreamed of.
Today’s episode is for those of you who aren’t quite where you want to be yet.
Just remember this word: Underestimate.
We often underestimate what it takes to create what we want.
But we also underestimate what we can take and what we’re able to go through to make our dreams come true.
Keep trying, keep going, keep improving. You have what it takes to make it happen.


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