105. 4 Key Ingredients to Make the Money You Want Doing Work You Love


The old model for your career where you have to choose between money or your passion is outdated.

Instead, we need a new model for a career where you can make the money you want doing work you love and that energizes you.

The reason why so many people don’t believe this is possible is a combination of not applying the right strategies to do this and not knowing how to manage your beliefs and confidence to make this happen.
What you need if you want to make the money you want doing work you love are 4 key ingredients:

1. Talents & Gifts (what innate talents and gifts you have)
2. Skills, Experience & Passions (what skills, experience and passions you possess)
3. Market Demand (match what you offer by using your talents, gifts, skills, experience & passions with what people are willing to pay you for)
4. Belief & Confidence Management (your ability to change your beliefs and increase your confidence to support what you want to achieve)

I share the 4 key ingredients you need to make the money you want doing work you love in this week’s podcast episode.

Listen to the episode here: https://sharonsinghsidhu.com/105


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