108. How to Tell If Answers You're Receiving Are From Your Animal Instinct or Your Wise Intuition


How do you tell the difference between being guided by your higher, wiser, intuitive self and your ego, animalistic self?

Why does it matter anyway?

In this episode, I share how learning to reconnect with your intuition can help you end the cycle of repeated disempowering habits and behaviours so you can achieve your goals and create a life filled with joy, fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Engaging both your intuitive and rational mind helps you be in charge and feel in control of your life versus feeling like you’re subject to external circumstances you can’t control, leading to stress, anxiety and confusion.

I also share details about free online sessions I’ll be launching to help you reconnect with your intuition so you can rebalance that beautiful rational mind of yours with the powerful gift of your intuition! If you want to be informed when these go live, then sign up here: https://sharonsinghsidhu.com/meetup
I’m so excited to meet you there!


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