109. Emotional Trauma is Like Indigestion. It Causes Discomfort Until You Process It.


Everyone experiences emotional trauma on some level. But no one taught us how to process it. Like suffering from indigestion, emotional trauma if left unprocessed, becomes a part of us that remains somewhere in our unconscious mind.

This un-integrated, unprocessed emotions we experience from some past negative event can keep us stuck in disempowering behaviors and thought habit loops so we feel a low frequency, chronic dissatisfaction, disillusionment, disappointment, discouragement we feel.

While we can rationalize it away all we want, it’s this unconscious negative emotional trauma that hooks onto us, keeping us where we are rather than where we want to be.

Listen to this episode for the 3 steps I share on how to process and digest your emotional trauma so you can create the life you want to have.


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