110. The Rational & Intuitive Sides of You Are Part of Your Indivisible Whole


We all have the rational side of our minds and our more intuitive side.

If you’re like me and have a tendency to engage more with your rational side, perhaps it’s time to explore balancing this out with your intuitive side.

Especially if you still feel like there’s something missing, despite being very successful in your career or life.

In this episode, I share how challenges in my life actually led me to engage more with my intuitive mind because I was out of balance where my rational mind weighed in more on how I approached my career, money and time.

While you can be very successful pushing and driving results from your rational mind, learning to also engage with your intuitive mind can lead to more peace, fulfillment and even more success.

Listen to this episode to hear practical steps you can take to be more guided by your intuitive, subconscious mind and enjoy greater fulfillment and success.


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