74. 9 Tips To Make a Living Doing Work You Love & Create a Life of Your Dreams


After interviewing a number of women who are either running a business, in careers or pursuing a cause they love and believe in, I thought I’d share my own journey of how I ended up doing work I love, running this podcast on the side of my full-time job, pursuing my coaching certification and generally doing what’s needed to create the life I want. 

In this episode, I share the following 9 tips to make a living doing work you love and how it looks like in my real life.

Here are the 9 points I share. Listen to the full episode for how this actually plays out in my life.

1. Have the courage to try, be willing to make mistakes and look stupid

2. Know what’s important to you, i.e. your values in life

3. Detach from what others say about you - this one is easy to say, harder to do

4. Everything is always happening for you so you’ll be okay

5. Your ego & reptilian brain is a powerful force that keeps you in your comfort zone and sometimes this feels like ‘truth’

6. Know the difference between your ego that keeps you safe & small and your superconscious mind that asks you to be brave & strong - and whose advice to take

7. Following your innate wisdom means reason & instinct become indistinguishable. This is what living as your true self means

8. Our mindset, mentality or thoughts about life create everything in our outer reality 

9. Reminder : We’ll all die, it’s just a matter of when and how, so what are you going to create in this life?

I hope these 9 insights help you relate it to your own life and get you thinking about what kind of life you want to create.

I’m also really excited to launch my Courageous & Confident Coaching Program where I help working women shift their beliefs of what’s possible, dissolve fears & doubts, and build mental and emotional resilience so that they can make a living doing work they love. Go to https://twopointzero.me/coaching to find out more.


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The Two Point Zero Podcast Host


Standing On The Shoulders of Mighty Women. 

This podcast is about helping you follow your passions, create goals, take action and learn the tools and techniques to live the life your heart desires.

You’ll hear interviews with women who are following their passions, the steps they’re taking and the lessons they learned along the way. 

I also share my insights and experiences along the journey of following my passions and what I'm learning.

A Little History...

I started the podcast in November 2020. I was inspired to do it after hearing the recurrent fear and stress around finances from adult learners in classes about resilience that I was teaching at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The podcast was then called ‘The Financially Free Woman’. At that time, I was very much into overcoming financial anxiety, something I myself experienced after a 6-figure business debt, losing my job as the family’s breadwinner and faced with job insecurity. 

Over time, I realised a common theme running through all of my podcast guests. They were following their passions, taking the steps to get there, and possessed a mindset that no matter what, they would figure it out. 

Despite the mistakes and missteps along the way, they just got back up and kept going. It was such an inspiration to watch and I finally understood in my heart that the whole point of life is to do what your heart is telling you to do and use your logical brain to take the actions needed. 

Since then, I've been standing on the shoulders of these mighty women and learning to better listen to my intuition, follow my passions and use my rational mind to create a life my heart desires. I share what my guests and I are learning about how we're doing this on the podcast.

I hope you’ll join us on this amazing journey!


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