80. 4 Steps to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy (Step 2 of 4)


Today’s podcast is step 2 in the 4 step process of tapping into your feminine energy.

Step 2 is all about being curious about the signs you receive in life and how it informs you about being your true self and living a happy life that brings you true joy and satisfaction.

How do you tell the difference whether something is a sign or a calling for you to do something to live a happier, fuller life, or just mere coincidence?

If you’re like what I used to be, you may find yourself using your rational, conscious mind and go getting masculine energy more than your gentle, feeling, feminine energy.

There’s value in both, but in today’s world, many of us are out of balance. We use too much of our masculine energy, dismissing our feminine energy as unreliable and unproven or even unproductive.
Listen to today’s episode for step 2 to tap into our feminine energy to rebalance yourself and live a life you want.

If you missed step 1, CLICK HERE to catch up!


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