82. 4 Steps to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy (Step 4 of 4)


This is the final step in the 4-step podcast mini series to tap into your feminine energy.

This is the all important step to get different results.

We often think it’s what we’re ‘doing’ that needs to change to get the results we want.

Either we do more, or we change what we’re doing, thinking that’s what’s going to make the difference.

While action is important, it’s the kind of action that matters too.

And the kind of action you take is determined by the quality of your thoughts that reflect your beliefs, your identity, and your values, all of which can be affected by our past experiences.

More importantly, the emotions and meanings we’ve associated with those past experiences.

Listen to this week’s episode to find out more about how you can shift your thoughts so you can take the kind of different actions to get you what you want.

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