84. What Is Your Superconscious Mind & How to Use It to Create the Life You Want?


Many of you are familiar with your rational conscious mind. It’s what we’ve been taught to use a lot growing up and in school. It’s almost to a point where there’s now an imbalance between your conscious mind and your superconscious mind. We’re used to dismissing and disregarding our superconscious mind. This is the part of us that some people refer to as your innate wisdom, your intuition or your higher level of consciousness. 

The interesting thing is that as kids, we’re very in tune with this part of ourselves. But over time, dealing with the disappointments and ‘harsh reality’ of life has conditioned us to push this aside as being unrealistic or unreliable to create the life we want. 

Instead, we believe that it’s our rational, logical mind that’s more important in helping us achieve goals. Sure, this is the part of us that’s needed to make plans and take actions. But that should be done in consultation with our superconscious mind, rather than to push away or ignore this part of us. 

So what is this superconscious mind anyway and how can you use it to create the life you want? Tune in to this week’s episode where I answer these questions. 


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