85. Being 'Emotional' Is Key To Your Success & Creating The Life You Want


No one taught us how to handle our emotions.

We go to school and learn lots of information, facts and how to use our rational mind to create plans and goals for what we want to achieve.

Where did you learn how to handle your emotions?

If you’re lucky, maybe your parents did this, or you had a wise mentor or teacher who shared their advice about this.

When you encounter difficulties in life that make you feel big, strong emotions like fear of failure, disappointment or rejection, how do you deal with it? 

In today’s episode, I share how your ability to handle your emotions is key to your success. Unlike what we’ve been conditioned to believe, especially for us women in the corporate world, being in touch with your feelings and using them to guide your decisions and actions doesn’t make you unreliable or unstable at work. 

Your ability to use your emotions to help you achieve your goals is the difference between being successful at creating the life you want and settling for less than what you envision for yourself. 

Listen to the episode where I share how leaning into my emotions has helped me achieve things I’d never imagined I could.


The Limbic System


The Prefrontal Cortex 



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