87. Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work & What to Do Instead to Get Real Results


In today’s podcast, I talk about why positive thinking and affirmations don’t work. 

As someone who used to be very rationally and logically driven, positive thinking and affirmations sounded like fluffy stuff that perhaps worked for others, but not for a practical, grounded, working mom with a family to support.

But I found out it wasn’t that positive thinking itself doesn’t work. It’s when we don’t understand the mechanics of how our mind works and use it to help us rather than hinder us from creating the life we want that’s the crux of the problem. 

Understanding how your mind works, specifically how your thoughts can either help you get what you want or create more of what you don’t is key.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to use your mind and your thoughts to help you rather than stop you from getting what you want.


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