88. How To Leave The Job You Hate And Make A Living Doing What You Love With Nathania Stambouli


I interviewed Nathania Stambouli on this week’s podcast episode. 

Nathania Stambouli, founder and creator of Yogi Flight School and SoulTribe Adventures is a 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach. She teaches people from around the world how to defy their perceived limitations and fly - on their hands and in their lives. She is a cat lady, lover of iced coffee and lives to lead people towards the most free and expressed version of who they are.

We talked about how Nathania quit her comfortable corporate job that she hated and what it was like for her to step out and finally do the work that she loves and the safety nets she put in place so she could get past the psychological barriers that made it scary for her to do this earlier. 

Nathania’s story is going to resonate with those of you who know you’re meant for something more, but feel afraid of leaving your current comfort zone. I love it that Nathania helps you overcome your mindset barriers through such a physical activity like yoga. You literally see in real time how what you once thought impossible is possible once you get out of your own way and see things from a different perspective! 

Remember to let Nathania know what insight you gained from this episode and follow her on @nattasticyoga on Instagram. 

Nathania’s websites: Yogi Flight School & Soul Tribe Adventures


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