90. Let Go of Time to Have More Time


We struggle with time.

Something you want to happen takes too much time.

Something you don’t want isn’t going away fast enough.

Here’s the thing about time to wrap your head around.

If you want to have more time, you have to let it go.

Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense right?

Because we’ve been taught that if we want something, we go out and grab it, we take it, we control it, we hoard it, we keep and save it.

We definitely don’t just let it go, get away from us, leave us. We think doing that means we ‘lose’ it.

But that really is the secret to creating more time for all the things that are important to you.

Enough with all the productivity tools. They’re good, but they’re tools that support how you manage time.

They don’t create more time for you. YOU create more time for you.

Listen to today’s episode where I share the paradoxical nature of time and how to make more of it.

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