99. 10 Steps to Overcoming the Self-doubt, Uncertainty, Fear & Stress of Achieving BIG THINGS in Your Life


Here are 10 lessons I learned about achieving BIG things in your life.
I recorded this after getting certified as a coach by the MAP Coaching Institute which was a pretty big thing I’d been working on for the past 7 months.
It involved showing up every week for class, clocking tons of client sessions, taking a written exam and a face-to-face interview exam.
It was so intimidating when I started, I didn’t know how I could get it done, but I did.
I share the 10 steps or things to know when you’re trying to achieve big things that matter to you in your life, drawn not just from attaining this certification but also from all the big things I’ve done in my life.
I hope it helps you deal with those uncomfortable feelings we all experience when we step into the unknown.


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