My Story & Why Work With Me

What Qualifies Me as Your Coach

I can try and impress you with all my certifications & qualifications:

  • Over 2 decades in HR and leadership positions
  • A certified leadership trainer, financial education instructor, and mindset coach (certification ongoing)
  • Masters degree in HR & International Employment Relations
  • Bachelors degree in Economics
  • An Advanced Certification in Training & Assessment
  • Diploma in Professional Journalism

But I think sharing my actual results is more useful for you:

  • Created and defined work I love to do that makes me more money than I ever thought possible and retired from climbing the corporate ladder at 40.
  • Recovered from a 6-figure business debt and all the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and fights with my husband associated with that.
  • Gained the confidence to speak up and become a stand-up trainer despite being a shy introvert who was terrified of public speaking.
  • Overcame the fear of rejection and shame to regularly negotiate and receive the money I want to make.
  • Got over the need to please and gain the approval of bosses at work and people in my life to ask for what I need and want - money, time, work scope, support, help, etc.
  • Dealt with judgements and criticisms from people about how I protect my time with my family, my marriage and the work I love to do.
  • Transformed myself from a fearful, chronic worrier who didn't have confidence in myself, needing certainty and guaranteed outcomes in life (unrealistic), to become someone with complete faith, confidence and belief in myself and my own ability to create the life I want.
  • Created and run a podcast and a coaching practice helping other women free themselves from unnecessary pain and suffering of living in the prison of their own minds (which they create & can break out of!)
  • Living a life from a place of internal peace, calm, confidence where I have the time I want with my family, I make the money I want to provide a lifestyle I want - investing for our future, traveling to cool places and staying in nice hotels with my family!
  • Most important of all, being the role model I want to be to my kids - a present, calm, relaxed mom showing my kids it is completely possible to create a life of their dreams!

This is POSSIBLE for YOU

I know this is possible for you because I'm just a regular working mom who used to struggle with speaking up in a team meeting of 4 people - not even senior leaders - and speaking, training & coaching is what I do for a living now and I LOVE it!

I used to constantly worry all the time about everything - money, my career, my kids, my marriage etc.

I used to be stressed out, feeling like I never have time to do all the things I wanted to or needed to do.

And I used to be anxious, irritated, guilt-ridden about spending time at work or with my kids when I was doing either. I was a rather absent mom, rationalising it was ok to live this way because I was making a living, providing for the family.

It wasn't ok to live this way. I was showing our kids that's all they could be when they grow up. Work in a job you hate, struggle to make ends meet and be miserable about it. And forget about your dreams or passions.

It was definitely not ok for me to be this kind of mom.

So if I can make this huge transformation and live a joyful, happy and fulfilled life, I know you can. You may not believe it now, but I know you can.

Take the first step and just book a free session with me to experience what it's like. It's totally free, you have nothing to lose and your entire life to gain back.

I hope to talk to you very soon.