043 - Work Smarter, Not Harder with Cara Chace, former Special Agent, Metalhead, and a Pinterest Expert


What would you do if your job was costing you your health?

How would you transition into the next phase of your professional and personal life?

This is what we discussed in this episode with Cara Chace, former Special Agent, Metalhead, and a Pinterest Expert and most recently, helping business owners find balance between their business and their personal life.

Cara helps online entrepreneurs triple their Pinterest traffic so they don’t have to market their business 24/7. Talking to Cara, I felt like she was the embodiment of work-life balance!

Every move in her business has been focused working smarter, not harder, whether it’s through her work of helping business owners use of Pinterest as a marketing tool or with her latest venture, Work Better, Live Well

Cara has been balancing her aversion to rules and bosses with the need for structure since 2013, when she had her first child and took on the role of social media manager for Megadeth and their 13 million online fans. After realizing being a work-from-home entrepreneur was the best fit for her life, she built a digital marketing agency from scratch, had another kid, navigated constantly shifting priorities and life demands...and made it her mission to Work Better Live Well.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how you too, can begin to put systems in place in your life to work better and live well!



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