020 - Turning a Childhood Dream Into Reality with Carolyn Law


Today’s guest is Carolyn Law, Founder and Programme Planner for ARThaus a painting studio for enthusiasts from all walks of life. Carolyn’s also been my son’s art teacher for the past 5 years and Carolyn has been instrumental in guiding and nurturing his love and passion in art. 

I found out about Carolyn’s story as we met for coffee one day to chat about how she ended up doing what she’s doing now. It’s a great story of passion, grit, perseverance and resourcefulness to go for her dream and make it a reality. 

Inspired by her own different learning style and personality, Carolyn has had the dream since the age of 14, of one day running her very own unique art studio to teach art in a non-judgemental way that honors and respects all diverse learning styles, interests and personality.

That dream became a reality 11 years ago when ARThaus was born.

This was such a great chat. For anyone looking to hear firsthand from someone who literally took a childhood dream and turned it into a profitable business and turns the conventional notion of ‘starving artist’ on its head to becoming a thriving, inspirational, strong woman going after and living her dream every day, this is a MUST-LISTEN!

In this episode we talked about

  • What’s needed to make your dream a reality besides just loving what you do
  • What’s important to be able to make money from your passion
  • What courage looks like when running your own business
  • How serving others to the best of your ability is key to business survival 
  • How Carolyn made the most money in the months during the COVID-19 lockdown than all the 11 years running ARThaus in a non-essential, enrichment service like Art!
  • And so much more!

Connect with Carolyn or find out more about the programmes offered by ARThaus in the links below:

  • ARThaus - Holiday Camps are available from now until the end of April ( Easter) 
  • Contact Carolyn directly on her mobile: + 65 90230458
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram

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