ABOUT your trainer

Hi there! I'm Sharon.

I'm passionate about creating a life I love where I can feel happy and free!

My mission is to help fellow working mothers do likewise.

In 2018, I decided I no longer wanted to be anxious about money, fearful about the future and unhappy about unfulfilled dreams. So I put down a few goals I wanted to achieve at the time, such as:

  • Ask for a salary increase
  • Get sponsored for a coaching certification
  • Build a business on the side of my full time job
  • Learn how to deal with my anxiety and stress

It took a little bit of time, but I'm happy to say that I've achieved them!

I was able to do so because of the small, daily actions I took regardless of however many set backs I experienced.

This was possible in large part because I learned how to deal with self-doubt, disappointment, and fear.

So I made this free course so you can use it to achieve your goals or anything you want!

You can email me at sharon@sharonsinghsidhu.com if you have questions.

See you in the course!


free 5-day email course

How to Achieve Your Goals and Get Anything You Want

I share the steps I use daily to achieve my goals.

As a busy working mother, I don't have the luxury to spend my time and energy on things that distract me from the results I want to achieve.

That's why I use a simple system that can help you:

  • Bring focus and clarity to everything you do so you can stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Create a simple, foolproof plan to stay committed and take consistent action towards your goals
  • Identify and gain the skills you need to get the results you want
  • Learn how to evaluate the outcome of your actions so you can refine them to achieve your goals
  • Optimise your time and energy so everything you do brings you closer to what you want to create

Who is This Course For?

This course is for working mothers who have big goals they want to achieve in life and not a lot of time or energy!

Whether that's becoming financially free, creating the time you want, starting that business you've always dreamed of, asking for the promotion, making that big presentation, or anything you want, this 5-day course will take you through step-by-step to get there.

Sign up for this course and learn how to create anything you want in a calm, clear and confident way.

What Can You Expect from This Course?

The 5-day course will be delivered to you every day for 5 days through email.

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There is a lesson per day over the 5 days and you can reply anytime if you have questions. I read all my emails personally.

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