Create the 2024 you want to have.

What do you want to create in 2024?

Maybe you want to:

• Buy your first home?
• Get that promotion?
• Ask for the pay rise?
• Start a business?
• Be healthier?

No matter what your goal is, you need to break that down into daily to-do's and take consistent action to make it happen.

This can be hard to do because:

• You get distracted, interrupted, and lose focus and momentum.
• You hate 'selling' yourself and worry if people will like you or not.
• You don't trust yourself or believe you can do it.

It's lonely and confusing when you don't know if you're on the right track or not.

You don't have to do it alone.

Join Create Your 2024 - a free, all-women workshop where I'll guide you through a process to:

• Create a simple and clear plan to achieve your goals in 2024, including defined metrics to know if you're on the right track or not.

• Break your big goals down into step-by-step daily to-do's that fit realistically into your schedule so you can take consistent action towards your goals.

• End the 'I-know-I-should-do-this-but-I-just-can't' cycle by using a proven method to change your mental and emotional habits keeping you stuck.

Big goals have to be broken down into smaller actions and tasks if you want to create success.

When you sign up, you'll also be included in my free 12-Weeks to Financial Confidence workshop.

This workshop applies what you learned in Create Your 2024 towards feeling confident about money.

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    Sharon Singh Sidhu

    Helping women feel confident about money.

    Who am I?

    I'm a full-time working mom, business owner, writer, freelance trainer, investor and MAP Method practitioner.

    In 2015, I decided to end my sleepless nights stressing about money.

    My world as I knew it had just collapsed. I was in a 6-figure business debt and was let go from my job.

    As the sole provider at the time, this meant zero income to provide for my young family.

    I didn't understand how a good student from top schools with a Bachelors in Economics and Masters in Industrial Relations could end up like this.

    I was ashamed of my failures and embarrassed about my financial state. I had to keep it as my own shameful secret.

    But one sleepless night, a light turned on inside me. I've had enough.

    I decided to be financially free.

    That was the beginning of my journey and I never looked back.

    What will happen during the workshop?

    Join this free, 1-hour workshop where you'll create your action plan for 2024.

    We'll clarify your big goal and identify specific actions you'll take to achieve your goals.

    Taking action is pointless if you're taking the wrong ones. So you'll put metrics in place to measure your progress and know with certainty if what you're doing is working or not.

    Knowing what to do and actually doing it over the long term are 2 very different things.

    You'll learn a scientifically proven method to change the way you habitually think, feel and act so that you can end the inner conflict that says, 'I-know-I-should-do-this-but-I-just-can't'.

    This will enable you to do the thing that actually gets results instead of staying stuck overthinking and getting in your own way.

    This goal-setting-and-getting framework is what I use to create a financially free life. You can use it for any big goal you're trying to achieve!