027 - From Dentist to Coach, Healer & Teacher and Finding Alignment Between Your Head, Your Heart and Your Soul with Dr Shirin Hedayati


Do you grapple with reconciling your rational, logical mind and your intuitive, inner wisdom?

I know I have! Those of us raised in Western education have been trained to use our rational, logical minds much more than using our inner, intuitive, ‘sixth sense’. 

Dr Shirin was such a joy to talk to because she has combined her training in dentistry to do healing, energy work with her clients to help them reach a higher level of well-being.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • The most successful business idea or the most successful lifestyle is when your heart, your head and your soul are in alignment - you don’t have to choose one over another.
  • True health is when all 5 aspects of your being are functioning well - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic.
  • How we all have living guides on what Dr Shirin calls the Voyage of our Soul
  • Discovering and doing what really moves you rather than what you’ve been told you ought to do

Dr Shirin’s own story about how she ended up going from dentistry to coach, healer and teacher is gripping and a must listen, especially for those of you still believing you must choose either head over heart or heart over head!

Listen to Dr Shirin's story video 



Sharon Sidhu: 0:04

Hi, and welcome to the financially free woman podcast. I'm Sharon and I'm the creator of this non financial financial podcast about money and how money affects the work we do. The relationships, we have no ideas about freedom. Most people don't realize that the path to financial freedom doesn't begin with gaining more knowledge or making more money. In this podcast, you'll learn how to embrace and accept yourself as a fully whole, albeit imperfect person, so that you can become the highest and best version of yourself. And this, my friend is the key ingredient missing from typical lessons about money and personal finance. In this podcast, you'll learn about your own psychology and relationship with money. how money is more than just the dollars and cents, and practical actions that are grounded so you can transform your dreams into reality. Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey. Let's get started. Dr. Shirin helps women connect to and discover their soul's essence so that they can align with the soul's purpose and have a roadmap for living a life full of energy, clarity, love and courage, waking up every day happy and thankful to be alive. Dr. Shirin is the founder of soul connection, mastery membership, which is a loving and positive community of light hearted people learning and practicing powerful skills and transforming their lives easily and gracefully. Dr. Shirin is also a general dentist with more than 25 years of clinical and business management experience. She's an energy healer certified in brand and healing signs, Germanic and Reconnective Healing. And she's also a certified life coach with many years of training in high performance coaching. Dr. Shirin is also a graduate of the center of intentional living. So without further ado, let's get to the interview. Hello, good morning. And I'm so happy to be welcoming you Dr. Shirin, to the financially free woman podcast. So excited to have you on today's episode to find out a little bit more about your journey, which is really interesting. And I'll let you talk about it. But just for our listeners is a very quick intro. And I know that I've given the intro at the beginning of this episode already. But how we connect is Dr. Shirin and myself, we're actually in a cause an online course called business by design. And that's how I connected with you. And for those of you who are interested, yeah, just go Google that and you'll find out a little bit more about it, I put in the show notes as well. But then I heard about your amazing story and how you ended up doing what you're doing now. And it's so very much aligned to the kind of stories I'm collecting on my podcast, which is all about women following the inner calling that they have and doing something that they feel passionate about and figuring it out along the way using their talents and gifts. And then obviously, because money is something that we need, it is a tool that we need in order to survive and to continue to do the things that we want to do in order to then spread the message and create the difference and the impact we want to make in the world. So your story kind of had the ninth combination of bear. And so I thought you'd be perfect as one of my guests as well. And so that's why we're here today. And I'm so excited to hear your story. So perhaps you could start off by telling us a little bit more about yourself, and the background, the journey, how what you do now and how you ended up doing what you do now.

Dr. Shirin: 3:44

Well, thank you so much for having me here. It's really exciting to meet you officially here, Sharon, and I really admire your cause and your passion to help women and I think these podcasts series are definitely a really powerful tool. So thanks for having me on. And my story without revealing my age, it spans quite a few decades. So it's a little bit tricky as where to start. So if I may ask you a question, where in this multi decade Do you want me to start? What part of this journey you want me to pinpoint more?

Sharon Sidhu: 4:22

So I do get this question sometimes from guests who say I don't know how much how far back to go, how much detail to go. And I like to just leave it to you wherever you think is the right place for you to start and what's comfortable for you to share. I always like to encourage the details because I feel like sometimes it is the details that people realize, ah, okay, so actually, it wasn't as if everything happened in the last few weeks there was this pop and dietsch was and sometimes were let down said and seemingly dead ends at that time, but actually were the steps that were necessary for us. To take in order for us to grow and to be where we are today. So whatever you think that is going to be, it's going to help us understand a little bit more about how then you arrived where you are today. And what you're doing today would be great. I mean, I've heard your story that you did on Facebook, and I will definitely put the link there. And that gives a really good, the context. I mean, the whole background in all of it. And the reason it was so moving to hear it as well. And yeah, so something along that will be great,

Dr. Shirin: 5:33

Great. So to kind of give a little bit of clarity. So I was 16 years old, when my family immigrated to the United States from Iran. So that was due to political unrest,and so wasn't really my decision, it was something that was happening, and therefore, they send out the kids first. And it was a, it was quite a shock to the system, if you would call it because I had no idea that my life was gonna change. And it all happened in a matter of two weeks, I had a brother who was already in us and was studying. So when he came back to visit, all of a sudden, we're getting passports, we're getting tickets, and then off the two youngest kids off with him, not with parents. So coming from a really protective, conservative background, to suddenly go from being sheltered at home with my family, you know, and just everything is very family oriented, to be sent to a western country with just a slightly older brother was by Trump, Romania, oh my goodness, speaking the language, yeah, he studied English as a second language, but never really spoke it. So the first thing that really changed my life was really that. And so when you come from a background like that, and those were the times were talking about money, the relationship of the two countries were strained, so you couldn't send money. My parents being over there weren't really able to support us financially that much. So all of a sudden, not only we're kind of in a new country, now I have to learn the language and study and bring income. So that was really, I think it makes you become very focused, it makes you decide, look, I gotta do what can bring me income, and survive this. And coming from my background, our family, my parents were both teachers. So emphasis was always on academics. So it's like you do become a lawyer, you become a doctor, even though they were teachers, which was on a very much middle income, they wanted the kids to do better. So for me, I had to decide, okay, at 16, I have to decide what am I going to do? Because you're paying foreign student fees at that point, because we hadn't gotten our status complete. So permanent residency, that kind of thing. So it was like, Whoa, okay, graduate high school, you get advance, you come in, instead of being a junior, I was a senior, and then start college. So right there, that was a big turning point, because I had to decide now I have an older sister and a five kids in my family. So she's already a dentist back at home. And when I was trying to figure out okay, engineer or what, and she's like, No, you can become a dentist, you should become a dentist, because it's great for women. So what I did is I was on a path to do computer science. But right off the bat, freshman year, I decided, Okay, dentists. And so what I'm going to tie this in later is here is a person such as me, just trying to figure out life, because of things that happen. I'm being guided by someone else with great intentions with really positive intentions to help me become the best of me, but it wasn't my choice initially, right? So find a path. And the safest bet is to just follow along. So then I'd be followed everything that my best son became a dentist. And I think it's in that video, you mentioned all the details of that and getting married and setting up office. But what happens when you don't really know yourself, when you don't really know what brings you joy and happiness? And you pretty much follow a path, a great path that that there comes a moment in your life where you're going to question it. If you don't question it, I think it's because I feel like it's like we're asleep. In first sleep for extended period of time and wake up. We're like 80 years old. Well, it's a little harder to trot the new path. But I think for me, I started waking up to this point when I was around 30 years old. So I graduate dental school at 25, 30 years old. Now I'm having kids. And so all of a sudden, a few years passed and there was still something missing and I think our body our intellect, our intuition. is always talking to us. So if if there's any significant health issues that come up, in my case, there was some depression and just lack of interest in stuff, difficulty finding my passion, those are signs that something is off. So that kind of triggered my search and looking for what is going on with me. And I think, depending who the audiences if they have their own stories, but I think it's really normal to try to blame someone else, or something else for an event for this lack. And I did go through that, where I was just like blaming my ex husband, I was blaming my sister for telling me to go to this thing. And, and I think Finally, you run out of excuses, and you got to look inside. And I think that's kind of how my path evolved was, then I decided, and it's always these living guides, people we meet that are actually helping us through this journey. And I like the idea of living guides. And so I had many of them throughout this journey. And one of the most significant people was a massage therapist, who was still in my life as a friend. And that's where I first learned about energy healing, and how our bodies are more than the physical and really being curious. And that led me to actually study this energy healing at Barbara Brennan School of healing, which was really fun for me, because the founder of Barbara Brennan, is a nuclear physicist. So one of the very early women in NASA and I thought, I can do this because at that point, I was really operating from my left brain, yes, in my brain, really not my heart, I was really operating from that. So that sort of took me to the healing aspect. And from there, there's just quite a few years where I study and keep studying. And finally, it got to a point. And I think video we talked about, really expresses how then I went from really wanting to get out of field of dentistry, and being training to my own dental practice something bigger. So I think it's, I look back, and I feel really grateful that I have had that experience and that being my own boss, those are things about we talk about money, it's like that independence of being my own boss, leading people in their roles and things like that. But if it's not really bringing me still that joy and satisfaction, something is missing. So eventually, another traumatic thing happened one or two more traumatic thing, that's not even including the divorce, that really led me to say, look, I got to follow my heart, I follow my head brought me here, I want to follow my heart and see where it takes me. And in order to do that, I needed to let go of my own dental practice. So that was in 2015. So I was doing energy healing with clients and at 2015 when I decided to sell my dental practice to my ex husband, because we practice together after like 10 years after we divorce. Because once you realize you can't blame someone else, and you are able to forgive yourself and the other person, you can actually have a relationship with that. So we were able to have 10 years of partnership, which at the time, everybody's thinking, you got to teach people how to do this. So my dental practice and I started really falling into the coaching chapter of my life, which was through random Rashard. And following high performance coaching and studying, I studied for good three years with him and different programs you have. And just absolutely, realize that coaching and teaching and guiding, it's all wrapped up in one area, which is, how do you help someone else? Well, first, you help yourself. So a lot of that training was for me, figure out what it is I want to do, what kind of professional business I'm going to have, and then I can help someone else. So that was in 2015. And till now that we've met, it has changed drastically how I feel about what I do, how I see myself, and it's really still evolving. So I hope that's been helpful. I have a background story. I know it's a lot. But the bottom line is, the more I get to know myself, the more I can create something that's really in alignment with my soul. So I'm really at that, at this point where I sit here, I can say that the most successful business idea of most successful lifestyle is when your heart and your head and your soul are in alignment. And so that's where I sit today really always checking into that. So that's my story.

Sharon Sidhu: 14:56

Wow, that is quite extreme. Ordinary. And yeah, for those of you, I'll definitely get people to go to your video link to also learn a little bit more about the other traumatic thing that you talked about. And I wanted to ask you, because you said that was what kind of launched your whole career in coaching and helping people. But there's this energy part of it. So when I did a little bit of my research in preparation for this interview, I saw that you combine a few different elements, would you be able to talk a little bit more about that? Because you talked about this a bit about the energy healing? And when you said that I just had so many questions, because with your background in dentistry, like you say, it's very hit like it's very intellectual. And it's very kind of, like you said, with your head, right, and then you put in, I see how you've combined it with the energy part of it. And then when you talked about how the energy healing was taught by a nuclear physicist, right? How do you reconcile that? Or if there is even any reconciliation to do if it's just one part of one big, same thing? I think you kind of touched on it. We talked about the heart, the heart and the soul, and how all of that combines, and if you could talk a little bit more about how you incorporate all of that now into what you do today.

Dr. Shirin: 16:13

So what I've done, and I think this is important, I'll come back to this. Well, what's important is, I recommend so for me, I worked so hard to become a dentist. Any profession you choose where there's examinations and certifications and board qualifications is, it's a lot. And I didn't want to let go of that. So I'm at the point where I still want to have my dental license. So I maintain that, though, I sold my dental practice, which required a lot of me and my time and energy to run it, manage it to be on top of all the regulations, especially during COVID, I have to tell them, I was not upset that I didn't have my practice. Friends of mine, me and colleagues, they have to go through setting up all the new regulations, and it's my sister, as well. So there was a lot involved in running a dental business versus actually being the doctor. So I decided to keep my dental license, I still work two days a week at a friend's. He's an old classmate of mine, that we found each other found each other really when I moved. So I still perform dentistry, but I kind of do the simple stuff. I didn't want the heavy duty stuff. It's really my intention is to develop my work around this holistic nature of helping people. So I just wanted to share that because sometimes I think, when we get excited, and I did that, when I first sold my practice, I was so excited. And I was just like, it was so much there was a lot of freedom. And it's like, what do you do, and having what we already know, as an anchor has been a good thing of just letting us know that if needed, you could go back to that you've earned the sport. So that's been great. But what happened is, I wanted to be helping people more holistically, because that's how somebody else helped me. And I noticed that it's never about getting one teacher, one coach, or one healer or doctor, I really feel that we need a team of people talking about our our life. And I feel for instance, what you bring with your podcast, and you're helping people. It's one aspect. So holistically, I feel that we all deserve to know whatever made up. So initially, the first part of my work since I stopped being a dentist full time has been about helping people through the membership I created, right, so connection mastery, to connect to their own soul essence, and remember who they are, and be able to track their life purpose that entails me working with a group of people once they sign up once a month. So that was the vision I had. But I'm really excited to tell you probably the one of the first people aside from my close knit folks that I'm so excited. I'm actually creating something else. And that is even more exciting to me because I've given it a name. It's M A H M A, Mahma. So it's my amazing Health Matters Academy. So this is at the beginning stages. This is like what I did is get my name, get the URL, because I've come full circle to the idea that people need to learn and understand what I did, that were more than the physical body that we are. Really if we operate just from our hand, or only from our heart jumping into things without tracking and plan or disregarding a soul column. That's coming into this body and coming to this physical actually already exists for us. If we don't understand that this exists in a holistic way, we're missing out. And either machines and robots doing things and or just always running after the money, without realizing that it's important to have that passion and that soul report. So this is my newest thing, and I'm so excited to be working on it, it will be a program and it'll be helping people understand five aspect of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies that we are and how each aspect, what does it mean if it's working, functioning healthy. And once all of these are working well. And what is it that stops it. How can we get through that? Once it's all running smoothly, then we're in great health. So hope that makes sense.

Sharon Sidhu: 21:00

But I love it. I'm so excited for you. So when is this coming out? Or is I mean, is this still kind of preliminary?

Dr. Shirin: 21:08

Preliminary but I think just and I have to say, once you dig in, once you allow for your intuition or for your inner voice to come out, once you just let go of trying to force something, then things come up like this. And I'm even more excited than the other thing I created. And I find that that whole journey of creating itself is so rewarding. So it is in the preliminary stages. And But I have to tell you, when in business by design, you know. So James said more, he often says, Many teachers say that you got to you got to do what you love. And you got to be passionate about what you offer other people, but are you putting out in the world. And I get it now because this, this newest thing totally has got me excited. I'm sure you can tell if it's talking to me. I can't stop talking about it. Because that's a sign that like your passion.

Sharon Sidhu: 22:07

Can I say that when you started talking about the five elements, and you can see I've been writing notes, I can feel I mean, I feel excited in my heart, I can feel that energy in my heart. Do you know why? Because it suddenly clicked for me, something clicked for me as well, just listening to you say it. And I just, I'm going to share it now. Because I've been well, the whole reason why I started the whole podcast, right. And I kind of learned a little bit as well from James because James has podcast, which is Mind your business is all about a what he called a non business business podcast, and I call my part as a non financial financial podcast. Because all these years, I think we're about the same age. So no secrets there. But all these years, I have kind of been struggling with money because I've found that I've always used just the the mental part of it that you talked about or approach it is just one plus one equals two, what's so hard about it? Why do so many people struggle with it, and until I struggle with it, and that's why I always say I mean, kind of like my mantra is like money is a portal to your soul. Because that's kind of like the very superficial level people think that the money which is just very rational and logical. But when you go a little bit deeper actually, you start realizing and learning a lot of stuff about yourself that goes beyond just the head and the rational, you realize that Oh, why am I doing that? I know this, but why am I not behaving in a healthier manner. And then it's, as I reflected more and went a little bit deeper, more than I realized there's other things that are happening way beneath that I was never even conscious of which is like the emotional part of it that you talked about the spiritual part of it. Like I always felt, although I've always over the decades that I've been in human resources and leadership development, I've always kind of taken little steps to do what I enjoy. Until at some point when I started having a family then the financial responsibility, I felt I started veering away from just taking the little things and doing things that made me happy and that I enjoyed doing and I started going for what was practical, what gave me the biggest salary because that would give me the financial security and everything to provide for a family and and that's when things started to go a bit off for me. And I had that same moment like you did, like there was something missing. I tell the story where I eventually hit the salary goal that I wanted. I eventually got the job title that I wanted. And that was like I was hit one moment as I was walking up the stairs to my office one day and it hit me really hit me like is it is this all there is I can't be doing this for the rest of my life. And it was so clear, right clear as day that that was not the right place. And finally, I pushed it aside Of course I said you know what, the money is great. The jobs green Everything's great. So I ignored it, I dismissed it. And then I've got let go from that job. And it's amazing how things kind of happen like subconsciously, maybe I was sabotaging myself, I really don't know. But it didn't work out in the end. And I think now on reflections like five, six years ago now on reflection, I now realize learning what I learned now that it of course, it makes perfect sense why it didn't work out, right, I was going so far away from what I felt like called to do in my heart, and deep in my soul. And somehow, I think, on a very subconscious level, I knew it. And so it didn't work out. No. So when you talked about those five elements of business that were so much more than a physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and then there's this energetic thing. And I'm learning also now that even when it comes to money and finances, it is so much more than just the rational part of it. And that's why I call it like Martin, kind of inspired by James Wright, non financial financial podcast. Yeah, so I'm so excited. And that's the reason why I asked when Mahma's coming out, because I think that is exactly what more people need to know that we are really multi dimensional. We are hole in so many different aspects. And you're right to say, because I think I also was like that before, like, follow my head, and then follow my heart solely. And then I'm like, No, no, then I jump into something else, I think because I need to feed my soul. And then I neglect the head and the heart. So I like that you have this holistic thing.

Dr. Shirin: 26:31

Say reflecting on your story. I believe that if something doesn't happen, like for instance, you were saying you were let go of like the project or the position went away? I think that's because part of us, like you knew that you wanted something different. Yeah. And so we don't sometimes take that step. Because it's scary. It's like the unknown, like, how am I going to take what's going to be next, and but something bigger than us. And that's another thing that I cover is like, we're connected to something bigger that knows us so well. And that's the part that's making these things happen, I think, I think it's like when a door closes, another one opens, they say, because we're not in alignment. So the thing goes away till we find this that's not in alignment, that's to invest trust. So because when I was creating the other membership, my thing was, I know everything I'm supposed to do, I'm following all the stuff. But how come it's not going as fast as I want it? Why not signing up? And I realized, well, because if I'm doing it, because I'm pushing for it, it's not gonna happen. It's not to my highest good. And so now what I'm getting is this other stuff is opening up from me that really lights me up. So if this is all connected, let's say,

Sharon Sidhu: 27:51

Can I ask you because this is something I kind of struggle with, I'm kind of working also on my own program. And it kind of also been an iterative process for me, because the first one I did, it didn't feel right. And it didn't go like I expected it to precisely for the very same reasons I think you talked about, I wasn't even excited about it, really myself, to expect anyone else to be excited about it. I just it was very left brain. It was very rash. And I was like, this makes sense. It's all research back then everything. But I didn't. Yeah, so anyway, okay. But long story short, is I've kind of been building on it building on it. And I'm at this point now, where this is part of me that's kind of holding me back, which is like if I put it out there, because it's got this whole energy part of it that I know some people are going to be like she talking about them. How do you go from something like dentistry to actually talk about things like energy? And that's why I'm really curious about how do you let go to let in right, what we say, but how do you how do you come to terms with how do you be okay with that? And I guess the if I really go deep and think about it, it's kind of like I guess it's kind of like a fear of judgment, right? For someone who's trying to do something that is not what they think everyone else sees them as they are and expects them to be. How do you deal with that? Yeah.

Dr. Shirin: 29:15

That question, I think is gonna be a forever type of question.

Sharon Sidhu: 29:20


Dr. Shirin: 29:21

Never Ending one. I think for me, so I started on that path of energy healing, I would say 1999 and 1999 is when I first realize that there's more, there is stuff that I've come back to answer your question a second. But I remember what really helped me was I was sticking it to creative work to do I was taking a class that was called painting from the heart. And Funny enough, my ex husband actually suggested it's like, hey, you're always talking about getting to know yourself better. What about this class, it's offered in a community center and I took that class and What she did this lady started with a meditation, and then guided us through the next part. And eventually we come through the meditation and we let our hands just tend to paper and draw and watercolor. And I remember, I have not been doing anything. Here I have 1999, I had two little girls. So probably six and four. As you said earlier, the whole purpose of my life was to create a successful life. So my kids can be happy. All of that and this thing shook me up, because I meditated, which meditation really brings you quiets, your mind brings you inside, and you're going to be receptive to some internal wonderful messages that we've been able to suppress over the years. And so when that happened, I came through, I couldn't even draw because all I could do was crying. And this was like, Oh, I'm crying, it was more like release. Hmm. I mean, I could I believe you have called lunch. And I went, sat on the grassy area in there. And she came and sat with me. And I was just still fighting. And I told her, I don't understand why I'm crying. But when I was a little girl, I used to draw, and I used to write poetry. And I used to be very creative. And I'm wondering, Is this because I haven't been doing this stuff for all these years. And so she sat with me, which is one of the most healing things someone can do to stay with you that you feel your emotions. And after that, something happened. And I think coming back to your question of how do you then all of who you're really your question, I feel is saying, How can I be all of me without worrying that someone would reject me and someone would criticize me and judge me. And I think what I've learned is, that's doesn't easily go away, especially in the social media that we live and all the the status of how many people like you, and are your fans, and all of that, I feel that, if that's something we can do in just an instant, it takes courage, it takes resilience, and it takes support. And you just kind of keep doing this, and you keep doing it. And it's like, it's like expansion, it's like breath, you breathe, you pause you breathe out. And it's life is going to do that we're going to be so strong and so positive and powerful, not care what anybody thinks One moment. And the next moment, we're like hiding and like, I'm not available, oh, I'm too busy to talk to you, because I don't want you to see me. So I think the answer that is to recognize it, that it's part of being human, and not try to cut it out of your being because it's, it's useless, you can never just cut that feeling you get when you really want to be like you want to be appreciated. And you're afraid that people reject you, it's not going to go away. What we can do is just become stronger about it and saying that I like myself better when I can talk about everything that I know, I like myself better when I can show you all of me. And that's how I think I've been able to get the courage, because it is really different. But the good news is that right now there are so many more people aware of this are so many more people talking about energy and that we're more than that law of attraction, people get it, intention is a big thing. And so I think you're definitely on the right track to really follow that longing. Because, like you said, if you don't do it now, when are you supposed to do it? It's just like, it's always choices in me. So, the choice that makes you feel better, who cares what everybody else thinks because they can have their own life and choose what they want. This is the life we have individually in given this is the gift to us to live our life with the most purpose and fulfillment, that we know how and that part is just what people think of us is none of our business is somebody had said one of the teachers, right? And it's so true, even though we will stop and still think it but just remember.

Sharon Sidhu: 34:11

Yeah, I know. It's one of those things that you know it right intellectually, you know it but then when you are going through it and you're feeling it, it's another thing to really know it that way right in your being and your body and to actually be okay with it and to actually still be brave and still take that step and it sometimes, yeah, that sometimes it's the hardest thing is not kind of the hard work in terms of putting in effort to do the thing, but it's actually the hard part about being brief to take that step. So,yeah. Okay,

Dr. Shirin: 34:46

Our thing Sharon. The other thing I was going to add to is, that's why there are healers and coaches and teachers because to try to do it by yourself is expecting a lot. Because there are times where you look at other people I've done that we compare, we look at someone else, and we say, how come he or she can do it? You know, how come I can do that? But How come she's not afraid or whatever. And I think sometimes we have to acknowledge that the stories we've lived the traumas and the ancestry that we carry, it does affect us differently than someone else. And so that is why exactly why there are coaches and trainers and healers and people who can help someone get through those things that we don't understand. And I think that's way better than beating ourselves up. And I have to tell you, I've had so many teachers and healers of my own, that now it's become second nature. So it's kind of like, not to be afraid to ask for help and not. And I think that's a huge thing for probably listeners to get that asking for help and support. It's actually a show of strength. I think when we try to do everything ourselves, which moms and women really try to do, not only we give all of our energy away to everybody else, there's hardly anything left for us to pick it up and go to what we actually want. But we're not going to ask for help because it means we're weak, or we don't know what to do, and that looks bad. So I think if we realize that it's okay to ask for support, we can go through these hiccups a lot faster.

Sharon Sidhu: 36:28

Here this one of the things that I kind of recently learned well, over the past couple of years, as I've been doing a lot more this inner reflective work is that is asking for help. I mean, I learned this really nice phrase that Lisa canning share was that we as women, we can have it all, but we just can't do it. All right. And that's really true. And in fact, asking for help is not really a sign of weakness. In fact, we have to take care of ourselves first so that we can be like our 100%, to our loved ones, because when we're completely depleted, then we give our depleted self to our kids. And that's really not the kind of role model that serves them the best, right? The kind of role model that serves them, the best will be someone a mom who is 100%, present, energetic, gets excited with what they're excited with not like exhausted and just pushes them away. He's like, I just need a break, can you just go entertain yourself on the iPhone, and that's not the kind of mom I know I want to be. And in order to be that really present energetic role model that I want to be, I've got to take care of myself. So that's why sometimes we think that the best way to take care of our kids is to give them everything until we're left with nothing but in fact is the reverse. Right? So yeah, yeah, I like that so much. And Okay, so now, moving into a little bit of the financial freedom bit of it. So how is it been like for you? Because obviously, dentistry sounds like well, at least for us, the general stereotype, it's a lucrative career, right? And it's very prestigious, and, and all of that. So how has the transition been for you in terms of going from that? And then to doing what you're doing? And and then What's your idea of financial freedom anyway, right?

Dr. Shirin: 38:10

Yes. So I was thinking about this. And it's very interesting, because when you're living the life you're living, you're not pausing to really look at it and evaluate it. And so for instance, when I, when I have my own dental practice, and that was with my ex husband, I was very much as I am now, I like to learn and grow and bring the best ideas to the management and all of that. And I remember we this is back in maybe 10 years ago, we had for our little office, our income, not the individual income for the doctors, but let's call it production, it was just under a million. So it was for back then in a dental office. That was just one one day a week, one dentist today and not a huge clinic. I felt that I didn't really think about it back then. But when I look back in my office, it's like $990,000, in one year, and type of dentists within a very conservative, we're not people who are like telling unnecessary things get done. No, not at all. Yes, we're able to do it. So in terms of business aspect of dentistry, I look back and I'm thinking that was pretty successful. So that's great to know, bringing into a whole new vision, which I ended up doing, starting 2015 and really not even getting into creating business till 2019. Really for me with the membership and things like that. I would say that it takes time. I would say that to build a similar business. What I'm learning is to be patient. And what I'm learning is to definitely not give up because we are even in something like this. So my story is unique and maybe unique for some of the other people. But I come from an entirely different background. And I'm creating something that's quite new. So I mean, I attempted coaching only and I wasn't satisfied me high performance coaching is amazing. And I did that for a while. But it wasn't satisfying me because I was leaving out the energy part. I was doing the healing. And that wasn't really satisfying, because I know so much more, I want to guide people and help them think for themselves like a coach does. So it wasn't satisfying. So it took me so it's okay to take the time, and let your vision develop. So I think if you're someone like me, who is going from a really successful business, to a whole new model, don't expect it to just become that ultimate thing. year one. That's that's my mind for some other people. But in my view, because I'm still honing in on what brings me happiness, and what still gets me action it, it's taking me a little time. So as far as your question, I think money for me by staying with my dentistry, our time really taken the pressure off of me. Yeah, that's I'm bringing the income. What's really exciting. This may not even be part of the answer. But one of my biggest accomplishment over the last year is that I'm living where I want to live. This is, this is my dream home, I cannot tell you, we actually bought a bike that says this is our happy place, oh, sight on the on the wall. Because I actually came here in Santa Cruz area, as a teenager, that's where I live when we were immigrating. And I left because it's like go to college, go to university, San Francisco, here and there, have the family have the office, which meant I would never be able to leave that area to come to this other county. If I didn't sell my practice, if I didn't take that jump to just like go and eventually we ended up here last year. So to me, one of my biggest accomplishment wasn't necessarily money out of the new work I'm doing. It's the freedom it allowed me to live a life where I'm one of them. Hmm, I think your question was, what is my view of financial freedom? Yes, yes. I feel that financial freedom means that you no longer think about money as your happiness factor. Financial Freedom is you get to do what you want, be where you want to have what you want, yes, all of that. But ultimately, it just means that you're never gonna think about it, you're living your life in the happiest way possible. Because you have the financial freedom, you have the money figured out. So that now you just focus on what do you want to do? How you want to do it, and I tell you this abundance in general, is come in different forms. An abundance of happiness living here is just off the chart, we're just so excited.

Sharon Sidhu: 43:15

It kind of like came full circle for you, this is where you arrived. And then this is your happy place now.

Dr. Shirin: 43:22

It's so true. It's so true. So I ideally, at some point, I'll write a book, you know, how we always like. It definitely is gonna say full circle somewhere on the title because it has to, I feel totally like that comes from a teenager, we totally have no idea what she's gonna become. Because life like rug got pulled under my feet, right? And to doing what I thought I should be doing, and to now actually be doing what I love and living where I love. And still, my kids, realizing they can be whoever they want to be, because they watch me is definitely for full circle.

Sharon Sidhu: 44:06

That's such a nice place as well to end the interview. And I'll be looking out for your book. But first, I'll be looking out for Mahma. And then I'll be watching you on BBD as well, obviously, and I'm so excited for you so many good things happening. So excited.

Dr. Shirin: 44:22

Well, I wanted to actually read you this one phrase sentence because when I was getting ready, I wanted to think about some of the questions you were going to be asking and really be authentic about it. This I don't know. This is funny. This was a phrase I heard somewhere. I don't know who said it, but it says it's about Voyage of the soul not perfection. It's about the voyage of the soul and not perfection. I think if we ended on anything for me, it really, it tells you who I am and where I am. It's exactly been about voyage of my soul and that Perfection because I'm still at it. And who knows what, next week will bring next month? But just do your best, then?

Sharon Sidhu: 45:06

Yeah. Yeah, it's kind of like, I mean, this whole idea of perfection, sometimes we hold on too tightly to it, it's, it's, and we know, right, intellectually, we know that you're not gonna get 100%. And it's kind of like something we aspire, and we work towards every single day. And I like the voyage of the soul, because it really is that it's a journey, sometimes you are met with unexpected things, happy or difficult. And, and then it is in getting through that it's part of that journey. And that's where you learn a little bit more about your soul and who you are. And so I love that so much. So we're gonna put it as a court as well, obviously. And is there anything else out there? She didn't, that we didn't cover. And you think that it's important for us to make sure we cover before we end off the interview?

Dr. Shirin: 45:53

I think there was some question you had mentioned, when we were communicating before the actual interview. And I was just gonna say it was any advice for people trying to achieve this financial freedom? I thought about three things for you. I want to say, to achieve the financial freedom, one must be able to feel it and imagine it, what it is, what does it look like, and to break through mental and energetic barriers, that's locking them from it. So I think that's really huge, like, be able to actually see what that looks like, especially if there's some money issues, or beliefs of poverty, or struggle, I think that's something I would recommend. Also, recognizing abundance comes in many forms. So I really recommend us taking the time to look around our life and see the abundance of people who love us abundance of friends. And for me, my home, I love where I live. And I would say the third thing is focus on gratitude, and awareness of this abundance, what you have in your life. So really take the time to when things gets kind of tough. And all we see is blocks and problems. We've got to train ourselves to stop and look at what we have. And then gratitude for it. So for me, those three things were what I wanted to share with you. And to close on this one last thing. This, I think is the coolest thing about visualization. When I was a little girl back in Iran, we had these my cousin, who already was coming to us had left these binded magazines together like glamour, or some Western magazine all binded together. And I remember going through these and I think even just National Geographic, that was maybe eight or nine, go and look at the pictures of the families having watermelon by the leg. there and it was like this is so beautiful. I love it. Little did I know that only like not even 10 years later, I would be in us. So there's power in visualization and really feeling and putting yourself in that picture.

Sharon Sidhu: 48:14

Thank you so much. That's a nice visual as well to end off. So thank you so much that Dr. Shirin for your time, I really appreciate it. And you shared so many things a little bit different from I think what I've been used to and brought up and raised to actually believe and to actually be conscious about. So thank you for bringing that into my conscious awareness at least. And I will be in touch with you online. Definitely following you. Where will be the best place for people to get in touch with you find out more about what you do or maybe even connect with you.

Dr. Shirin: 48:47

Well. So I think my Facebook page, Dr. Shirin Hedayati, it is a good place. You can message me there. drshirin@comcast.net, is for emails. And I think that's pretty good. Because as I mentioned, my website and different things I'm offering are in flux right now. So that so connection mastery.com is where there's information on my membership. So it's not that hard to find me. Not me very easily.

Sharon Sidhu: 49:20

Yes, I will put all that down. So it's easy for people as well to just click through and get in touch with you. Thank you so much again for your time. All right, then. Bye

Dr. Shirin: 49:30


Sharon Sidhu: 49:31

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