Financial Confidence for Women

Free live workshop for women

4 April 2024 8PM (GMT+8)

What is it?

This is a free, all-women live workshop to uncover your unconscious relationship with money driving all your actions around money.

More financial knowledge is pointless without understanding your hidden stories and beliefs about money because you won't execute even the best-laid financial plans.

Learn a different and more effective method to achieve the financial success you desire that takes your unique circumstances and relationship with money into account.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for any woman who feels insecure and lacks the confidence to take action to improve her financial life, despite reading all the books, attending all the seminars, and listening to all the podcasts.

This is an experiential workshop where you'll learn:

  • Why conventional financial advice is outdated and incomplete
  • How to use a more effective method to become financially successful
  • What to do to remove the barriers blocking you from financial success

What happens?

Unlike typical finance workshops, I use a proven, science-based, mindful method to help you uncover your hidden relationship with money.

You'll experience a deep re-wiring process that's fast, effective, safe, and relaxing to change the way you look at money.

If you have an open mind and are curious to experience what it's like to take a different and more effective approach to create the financial success you want, then register for the workshop today!

Read more about my work here.

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