028 - Starting from Scratch to Reaching the Heights of Accomplishment, with Soul Rich Woman Founder, Former Miss Singapore, Business Coach and Mentor,  Genecia Alluora


It’s easy to confuse the way to wealth and well-being as more ‘doing’ and ‘action’ alone, when actually, it’s when we’re able to do the inner soul work that everything else falls into place.

That doesn’t mean all you have to do is close your eyes and think about riches for it to land your lap. What it means is to find the balance between achievement externally that’s aligned to achievement internally in your soul.

My guest this week is Genecia Alluora, former Miss Singapore, Cafe Retail Chain Owner, Business Coach and Founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia.

Genecia talks about how she’s overcome being bullied and mocked in school to how she’s accomplished so much in her life today.

Genecia’s network connects more than 200,000 women across the region in the ‘Soul F’ membership program the F-word meaning - Being Fabulous, Having Freedom, Financial Independence and Family. 

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • The importance of aligning your inner soul with your external life for your well-being
  • How starting from wherever you are, rather than waiting for perfection is what gets you the results you want
  • The things that happen in your life happen for a reason - what are you learning from it and how are you using them to move forward?
  • Failures are never just failures. They are stepping stones to real and true freedom.

I learned a lot from Genecia and I’m sure you’ll do too!



Sharon Sidhu: 0:04

Hi, and welcome to the financially free woman podcast. I'm Sharon and I'm the creator of this non financial financial podcast about money and how money affects the work we do, the relationships we have, and our ideas about freedom. Most people don't realize that the path to financial freedom doesn't begin with gaining more knowledge or making more money. In this podcast, you will learn how to embrace and accept yourself as a fully whole, albeit imperfect person so that you can become the highest and best version of yourself. And this My friend is the key ingredient missing from typical lessons about money and personal finance. In this podcast, you'll learn about your own psychology and relationship with money. how money is more than just the dollars and cents and practical actions that are grounded so you can transform your dreams into reality. Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey. Let's get started. Genecia Alluoro is a former Miss Singapore cafe retail chain owner in Southeast Asia woman of excellence 2010 International progressive women 2019. She was also awarded by noble Queen most prominent women empowerment in 2020 and also a business coach and award as mentor of the Year in powerhouse global limited, the founder of soul rich woman which is the number one female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia that connects more than 200,000 women across the region in the Soul F Membership program. For the past 17 years, Genecia coach celebrities, CEOs and politicians to be seen as a leader on stage. Today with the soul rich woman blueprint and SRW Academy. She mentors 1000s of women to bring their business and leadership brand online. Her vision is to support 1 million women to own and love the F word. Profiled in CNBC Forbes in China Daily. Genecia is a thought leader and leading women's empowerment expert. She is regularly invited to speak on TV and radio as well as conferences and she's shared the stage with great minds like Gary Vaynerchuk, Mary Buffett, Kim Kiyosaki, and Neil Patel. Genecia's motto is alone, we're strong. Together, we are unstoppable. I'm so excited to introduce you to today's guest. So without further delay, let's get to the interview. Hi, Genecia, good morning! And thank you so much for taking the time out today to be on the financially free woman podcast. So for our listeners who may not be familiar with a Genecia, which of course, I'll let Genecia let you do your intro as well. But I first found out about Genecia on her podcast, and then realize that she's running this extraordinary kind of organization and movement called soul rich woman. And you've got so many amazing women there and their stories as well, and how you've helped them achieve financial independence. And I'll let you talk a little bit more about the F word. Because I think that's, that's really a really nice catchy thing and how you named your podcast. So I was really fascinated when you shared your story growing up and then to where you are today. So would you be able to give our listeners an introduction about what you do today? And how did you end up doing what you're doing today?

Genecia Alluoro: 3:39

Well, my name is Genecia Alluoro, I'm the founder of the number one leading female entrepreneur network here in Southeast Asia, connecting more than 200,000 women across the region. And we are called Soul Rich Woman. Now soul rich woman came from the purpose where we want to equip women to own and love the F word, which is being fabulous having freedom, financial independence, and a happy family. What do we do in the businesses, we help women to go from offline to online through various mediums like live streaming, podcasting, mentorship, and masterminds. So these are the few ways that we connect as well. And how I got started. Well, this was not my first business. In fact, for me, this is like my third or fourth business. In fact, more than that already, and this is why I consider a legacy business. I started working when I was 14 years old. And I supported myself through school because my family financially we were not sound because when you see success, as of now, people will think oh Genecia you're so successful. Now you must be born with a silver spoon, or you must have had family connections and things like that. So a lot of times, we want to encourage women individuals like yourself was listening in right now that your circumstances does not determine your future, your past does not equals to your future, your social, mental and social economical circumstances does not define who you are going to be. I was often bullied in school because I was not well to do, I wasn't able to change like my clothes very often, even in my inner wear, like my bra, I had meaning girls who caught me in school. And then there was one incident where they pull open my bra and my shirt and exposing my bra and saying, Oh, you are wearing the same bra. So I was often, the, like the point for them to mock, and they're always laughing at me. And that impacted my self esteem greatly. So good thing is I have a few good friends really very good friends, who were there being my pillar of support, and guiding me through years. And of course, most importantly, my mom who told me that to turn my mess into my message, because I was teaching yoga, aerobics and country line dancing, being the youngest certified instructor in Singapore back in those days, and all the people I'm teaching are way much older than me like two to three times older than me. So at that point, most of them asked me, who are you? You're so young, what can you teach me. And that also made me want to give up, but you see my mom's words, turn your mess into your message continually rang in my mind. And that kept me going. So my first piece of entrepreneurship was what when I was 18, when I knew that I couldn't just work Monday through Fridays, teaching two hours every single day to earn an income, I needed to scale my income to earn more within an hour. So I asked myself, how can I earn more within an hour? And the interesting thing was, okay, could I supply instructors to various events, so that the, I can earn a commission a cut from their salary, and then earn more than an hour. So I did just that. So during that year, I supplied instructors models to event companies to corporate organizations, and I earned more than the hour. So that was my first taste of entrepreneurship. But you see, things were not as it is, even though I had a taste of it. But I was not fully aware I was not fully blossomed or developed in my self awareness. And knowing that that was my first taste of entrepreneurship. It was later on, I found out that while it was through the experience that I had a seat within me, that grew throughout the years, to the point in 2012, when I knew that I couldn't trade time for money anymore. I was an image consultant. I graduated as an occupational therapist. I will miss Singapore everything during this short few years. But I was looking for more even though I was making Okay, money. But how can I not become at an age where I'm still trading time for money, because I started very young when I was 14. So I was hitting like my quarter life crisis at a very young age, like below the medium, simply because I started very young. And so if I work, I get paid, I don't work, I don't get paid. And I said, No, this is not the life that I want. So I went to look for a mentor. And then I found one. And then in 2013, I went online, and within three months, I made $100,000 and that in a year, I crossed my very first million dollars. I never thought of making a million dollars. I mean, I thought okay, I just made really 10 $20,000 a month is good. But when he came to a point that when you experienced the freedom of sitting in front of computer and being able to deliver a program or teach somebody or connect somebody online back in 2013, and be able to deliver an income and value at the same time. I think that is amazing. So I made my first pot of gold. Consider that. And then my friend, actually one of my mentor asked me if I wanted to join them in the cafe business. So that was when I made my first million right and then I invested a part of my money into a cafe retail chain that we started from Singapore. And then I helped them with marketing and PR. And then we grew to three countries, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. And then we have 18, franchisees and licensees and then after four years, we exited to a public listed company owner. Never I thought that business was in my blood because I am a trained healthcare professional. I graduated as an occupational therapist. I know nothing about running an FMV business. I don't need another certificate to justify who I am. But all I did was to put my humbleness down and really look into what can I learn? How can I improve myself? What is the thing that I could look forward to to make sure that I grew up with my partners, rather than you know, all right. So coming from this space, I really learned a lot during a short time. But you see, as life headed, I was not happy. I was empty. Even though I had great business. We have 18, franchisees and licensees I was doing so much, it was so exciting. I was in charge of the Indonesia market. I was based there for two years, I was looking out for franchisees to grow the business. And then but to me, there was another calling, I just felt that my life had other calling. So during the time I was doing my cafe retail chain business, I was already moonlighting search woman, so to speak, because the cafe operations is daytime, right? And then the night so I do a lot of live streaming. So I started doing a lot live streaming, actually, in 2013 - 2014, one of my main ways of getting clients and building a community was through live streaming webinars, either is it pre recorded, or is it life, both. So I was doing so much of that. And that really helped me to, to kind of build into solid where it is today, after we exhibited the public, to a public listed, company owner, our cafe retail chain business. So as of this point, I'm very happy to be doing soul rich woman because when I believe that woman, when you have soul, your soul is truly aligned, when you're happy, you're glowing, or diamond is within you, your diamond is shining through brightly. That is when you're rich, is on the outside, you can manifest into money and abundance, or you can manifest into your own well being as well being full of love, full of inspiration and being able to give as well as to contribute to the world creating an impact to the society with the F word.

Sharon Sidhu: 12:17

That's so amazing. Thank you for sharing this, like lots of twists and turns in your story. And I think everything builds up upon each other to where we are at this point in life. And I have so many questions as you were talking, I wanted to just hear that story. But I had so many things that I would like to ask you to elaborate a little bit more. And so I just wanted to know so you were doing soul rich woman, like you said right actually already started it a little bit before was this at the time when you started deciding that you wanted to do something a little bit more online? And what kind of content? Were you live streaming or doing your webinars about? Was it already what soul rich woman is today? Or is it something a little bit different along the waythat you learn.

Genecia Alluoro: 13:02

Definitely has evolved over time in 2013, I started doing the live streaming bit to help people to go online. So my content were mainly How do you do marketing? How do you do your branding? How do you build your funnels? How do you create landing pages? How what kind of message do you have to put out there if you're brand new, and to be that person that you want to be?

Sharon Sidhu: 13:27

So but then now then you talk a little bit more about the soul, the diamond within you. And I think that's the part that even for my own journey, it's kind of been like that. He started off doing the very practical things in order to get financial security. But then like you said, right, sometimes you have to be aligned to the thing that you really feel really purposeful about and that you feel you can bring to the world and contribute. And then the external thing, like you said, it manifests, right. So I was just asking about the evolution of it, because actually, you skipped over here, so many interesting things you skipped over the part that it gives me you're missing out, you're missing rapport, and how did that even happen and going from the kind of childhood and and self esteem and then because I heard that one of your earlier episodes about how that also really helped you in your self image self esteem? Can you talk a little bit more about how all these things actually, maybe I don't know, you probably can help us clarify better where they like building blocks to help you to then be able to do what you do today.

Genecia Alluoro: 14:27

As I have mentioned, I was often being bullied in schools. So that piece of lower self esteem was really huge, like a huge one. So in my life, yeah. And really having really good friends who is not about the quantity released for the quality and that few friends encouraged me and rolled me into Miss Singapore and they encouraged me to go ahead. So not having a lot of money. I couldn't buy a lot of clothes, love shoes and you go for competition or even an interview. You want to look your best? And I'm asking myself, okay, how can I look good and present myself when I don't know makeup? I don't know how to do department, you know, I don't know what grooming. How do I even get there, right? And so I pull up my courage and I say, Okay, let's go knock on some doors and ask for sponsorships. So I didn't just that I knock on many doors and say hey, can you sponsor me I am joining this Miss Singapore pageant. I think I can win. But even though I'm new, I don't know what I was the result but let me just be the shining bright star of hope. So that was how I eventually got a sponsor who probably saw this buck within me because have probably not a lot of doors. And that I think sometimes the energy I mean, how you lead people, if you actually I never really asked her why she sponsored me, but she agreed to sponsor me and in fact, she, this lady gave me all her DVDs or CDs are about how you present yourself, how do you groom yourself? How do you do department, all these pieces, and at that point, she took my wallet and she took all my money, open up my wallet and put all my money and there was about $60 back in those days, and it has all the money I have Rebecca, what do you do on my money? And she said, I'm going to teach you the concept of value exchange. I'm like, What is value exchange? like the sound of the crickets right and, and that to me, I said, Okay, never mind. I don't know what it's about. Okay. Yes. Okay. You think my $60 has no money now I've got to work my ass off. So I literally plow through the documents, the notes the CDs and DVDs. I plow through everything possible. And yeah, in 2006, I won Miss Singapore Universe. I came in runner up. And then later on in the same year, I won Miss Singapore international pageant when then I represented Singapore overseas. So that was life changing. And it was not because I joined a beauty pageant. And then I am who I am today, but rather the lessons learned as I journey forward. Like the first thing was value exchange, like what is value exchange? Right? So is now I've come to a conclusion that is all about being playing Win Win, what can you put on the table? Don't Don't put don't put value exchange as to a barter trading, or you're trying to do a pro bono work. It's quite in my world. my humble opinion, just in my world. Explain in this context, value exchange simply means playing Win Win, meaning that what you put on the table? Is it equivalent to what the services or the product that the other party is providing? So that's, of course, the same equivalent value? And then the next question will be what's in it for me? Right? Both parties are always asking the same thing. What's in it for you? What's in it for me? And playing that win win? How can you contribute back, for example, if you win, eventually a title or if you do well, in something, you could talk about the brand, you could share it to your followers, or even be, I don't know, be their model for six months to a year. So depending on what value that is. So really, that has taught me so much. And to me, everything now is always about playing Win Win, how you value add to other people's life be a giver, and not just a taker, because a lot of times we see people when they come to a business discussion, they will always think what's in it for me first, right, which is nothing wrong. But then again, is always Okay, so what is the value exchange? So I've got some people who come to me and say, Oh, Genecia, can you mentor me for free? Or coach me for free you but ask them, so what is it in it for me, right? If you I want to mentor you for free? And then what is the value exchange? They're gonna give to me? And then they say, Oh, I can do this, test this for you. So then I will need to measure is this required in the business right now? Is this something that we can measure off? Right? So it's not? It's all about? How do you measure that for yourself? Because at the end of the day, in business, is what gets measured and gets done.

Sharon Sidhu: 19:17

Yeah. Yeah. I like that. In fact, it's interesting. You bring that up, because when I thought about approaching you, because I looked at all your accomplishments, and I was like, Oh, my God, I don't think he's really gonna even want to entertain me. But you know, what the heck, I'm just going to ask anyway. And I was really quite pleasantly surprised that you came back so quickly and listened. I came back so quickly and use he said, Yes. And I was really very thrilled and very humbled, and very, very grateful. And I think that that's really just proof of that. You talked about it. You stay humble. And when I talk to you now, I mean, as a former Miss Singapore International, I thought, Oh my gosh, it's like a bit scary to talk to someone like her but You come across so humble, so generous, so sincere, that I can understand why you are you see the kind of success that you see right now. It's really also about how you give an exchange the value that we exchange. Right. So I really like that you brought that up about the whole idea that is about Win win. So thank you for that. And I wanted to also then ask you, because you said when you first started out the webinars and live streaming at first, it was about the marketing and really the online right business of it. How did that evolve to become soul rich woman? And what kind of set that going? Because now I feel like soul rich women based on what I see, it's, it's like, it's really quite much deeper, right? Then Then just building a landing page, for example. Yeah, what prompted that evolution?

Genecia Alluoro: 20:48

Okay, so that evolution is listening to your people love your customers more than you love your product, I have failed in building things as well. When I first started, I had zero followers and zero viewers, I had to do my webinars to the sound of the crickets, to the cockroaches, the rats, and the spiders as well. Right. So I started from there. And then I mastered another F word, which was Facebook ads. So I've been doing a lot of advertising, Facebook, ads, and Instagram, and then YouTube. So there's all these advertising channels that we bring in people. And then the value exchange comes where if they were to attend your webinar, or live stream, what is it that you are doing for them, and then it's evolved. So I was in constant contact with them, because I was doing a lot of live streaming, because that is the easiest and fastest way for people to build your know, like trust score. That means how well they know you, they like you, they trust you, and then they respect you, and then they will buy from you. So that really is an important piece that really helped us to move forward. And then as we move along, like I said, you really need to listen to your customers, right? In the past, I only do mentorship and coaching. I don't really sell digital products as much. But over the years, I've grown to love promoting my programs, my causes digital ones, because that caters to international crowd. So soul rich woman has gone past and beyond just Southeast Asia, because even through podcasting itself, we've got international clients who visit our website and purchase our programs. And it is very amazing how internet, always the online world has flattened the world literally. And he has there's no boundaries anymore. And especially now during this pandemic, evolved even faster. So of course, for us, it affected us a little bit in terms of the business because pandemic happened, a lot of people are going through a pivoting season. So and yet at the same time, there's a lot of people signing up for our programs because they needed to pivot. So it's kind of like an interesting, I was interesting shift in that that region, because we no longer need to educate why it's so important to go online. And why it's important to do live streaming was important to do podcast, it's like, bang, everyone knows that it's important to do live streaming now. And it's social selling is on the rise. And recently in the Straits Times, Singapore newspaper talks about social selling has increased in during this pandemic season, as gaining popularity, especially for one woman show that they specifically put women into that article, I could share that article with you and talk about how that in itself has helped so many people who are solopreneurs to get started way much easily than just in the past where there is a bar where you need to learn a lot of technical stuff these days with just a mobile phone, you could easily just press a button and get started to do live streaming, whether is it on the e commerce platforms or even just on social media platforms like Facebook Live, for example. And that has evolved. So to me sort of evolved over time because trend is changing, right? So the fundamentals are always the same creating an online course where you need to create digital products. So we have a back end so that you can get multiple sources of income, you need to learn how to do marketing and run ads because that in itself allows you to build multiple channels to reach out like giving flyers like the old days, right? You use the pre 2000 flyers for 55 cents each. And then now you can even spend money on your Facebook ads. I don't get it when people tell me. I don't spend money on ads. I want organic. Come on girls. And guys, look everyone listening in right now organic is dead. I mean the platform's want to make money. If you don't invest in your business, it's not going to grow right. So that is important. And then now of course We need to talk about podcasting. Because podcasting is amazing because it evolves is, in one point, when you publish an episode on a hosting just like a website, it goes, it can go into 40 50 channels for you and around the world. And you can reach out to people that have never thought or imagined that could be a potential customers through this platforms. So the fundamentals are the same pretty much but the evolve due to the environment and the social economic status of the country, or individuals for drive the momentum to go from offline to online.

Sharon Sidhu: 25:39

Yeah, and exactly like what you were saying, I think the part about trading time for money online is the way to really stop trading your time for money, right. And that's the amazing thing about going on,

Genecia Alluoro: 25:50

I have to catch that. Because you see, my theory is this, there's a lot of people say I want to quit my nine to five because I'm in a rat race. But having done online in since 2013, to today, I have seen people rat race in entrepreneurship, there isn't a rat race in entrepreneurship, there is a rat race online is either you have a for more than just a fear of missing out, you're always checking about about somebody else. And you're thinking that someone else is better than you, you're checking out somebody else, and then you're chasing and then you You're so busy about everything and you're not really focusing on your own thing. And the rat race in entrepreneurship is also what I observed is that you are so stuck in your buisiness you're like, Oh, do I need to create like, say a landing page or I need to have a website? Do I need to have that ready first before even I had that covers customer through the door. But you see, the online thing is very different from retail that's offline, because I've done offline before. You don't need a shop, you don't need a rental anymore. You can just start with the beta product. Just get people to see whether they liked it before you do it. Right. But some people like to be perfect before they start. So I just want to encourage you who's listening in right now. Don't need to be perfect. To start it right now.

Sharon Sidhu: 27:09

You see that something that women tend to be quite, we tend to fall in we have a tendency of that because my kind of leads to my next question, like having done all this amazing work that you've been doing? What are some of the things that you observe? Right, and I think you shared some of them already. anything particular to women and what you sell, what about for yourself? What do you wish you'd known back then when you were starting out that you now know that you will tell your older self?

Genecia Alluoro: 27:31

I will say get a mentor earlier?

Sharon Sidhu: 27:34

Yeah, why you say that?

Genecia Alluoro: 27:35

Yeah, because I think throughout the years mentorship really helped me to be where I am faster, in 2012, from 2012 when I was making $20,000 a month because I was doing very high. Okay, so I have experience and expertise in getting high ticket clients. That means people who pay between 5k 20k 50k a project, okay, that means either through coaching, and then because I had skill set in image consultancy, and then I have different skill sets. So I was able to help them to do that part of the rebranding for their personal image, right. So these are big ticket skill sets. So that evolving to where I was to go online switch, right, what was that switch that I needed was through a mentor, that I couldn't see what was a hit, that I didn't know, I had the skill set. I never knew I was online. All I know was open a classroom, do a lot of free talks, at events at conventions, and then give our name cards and hope that people will contact me so that they will buy my services. Right. And to go online. It was through a mentorship. So if I had started earlier, let's say when I was 16, or even I was 14, I had that miracle my mom other than my mom, there's someone else who is willing to guide me, I think I would have started way much earlier. But you see life is never just a bed of roses. I think there is a purpose for me that God made me go through wanting me to go through this entire journey so that I at a very young age, I was able to cope and manage and empathize with my clients easily, even though they were way much older than me. So the joke is that because I was started very young, my clients were I was able to empathize with my clients and earlier age or younger age, even though I was young already in my 20s Okay, back in when I was 16 people are laughing at me, right? What can you contribute? What a time I hit, let's say 23 24 25 people will no longer questioning me. In fact, they love my wealth of experience, and they will willing to pay me $20,000 for coaching program at that age. So when I see all these experiences that I had to go through, I needed to go through I really believe that everything happened for a reason everything happened for purpose. So that is important for me. So looking back, I think coaching and mentoring would have helped me greatly. At the same time, being self aware. I think working on a self healing, forgiving yourself and loving yourself was one of the big things that I did that was very happy about as well.

Sharon Sidhu: 30:20

And how would you advise someone who wants to go about that self healing because that's quite an important one. How would you suggest that one start that self healing?

Genecia Alluoro: 30:30

Wow, for me, I started with Louise Hay, that was one of my first I will say books that I came in touch with. And back in those days, because I listened to a lot of audio tapes, or audio CDs, I listened to a lot of that, because I'm always on the road. So I listened to that. I think another lady I came in contact with was Debbie Ford. She talks about the I think the shadow secret or something like that can't really remember the title. So So these were the two kind of like, I would say keys that open my heart the doors to my heart and help me see that were darkness that was within me there was anger, there was unforgiveness, there was self hatred and and all these pieces helped me to Okay, so I need to learn how to love myself. Oh, you mean this is how I do affirmations and that was how I moved forward so for someone I will say get started with a Louise Hays materials that could be one I think attending programs really helped as well. One of the programs I attended to in effect there really transformed me was money and you money and you is by globe success group or group success. There was a company in Malaysia but they are now in around the world. The other one is psychology of vision. Okay, they're not paying me to do advertising. Yeah, but I personally felt that that transformed my life psychology of vision, I did it in Taiwan. So everything was in Chinese and and that really helped me a lot. And I will say moving forward to today. All these opened up my heart and mind I think NLP is also another one that I did because like I said, I'm a health care professional. I am about coaching, right so I did not traditionally think the coaching certification and a coaching set because I think because I started very young I kind of like picked off skill sets. So I was certified in so many different programs like I took up anagram I took up emotional intelligence six seconds is a is a brand where I learned how to coach people with the tools right and I took up NLP I took out hypnotherapy timeline therapy, and all these things add up to my, I don't know if you know Doraemon sauteing tongue is like putting everything into that piece. And because I'm creating my own coaching flair, I will say so as someone who is starting out, I think find one thing or one person to get started on because sometimes information could be overwhelming. So I think always go where your heart is and most importantly, love yourself first. Right?

Sharon Sidhu: 33:06

Yeah, very, very great advice there. And as we round up the interview, of course, I've got to ask since is the financially free woman podcast? What's your idea of financial freedom? And what advice do you have for people who are wanting to achieve financial freedom?

Genecia Alluoro: 33:22

One of my biggest dream was to speak to Kim Kiyosaki. And in in recent recently, I managed to speak with her and hang out with her. And I asked her I said, Kim, so what do you mean by financially free in her words is basically whatever that you make you spend is less, that means whatever you make, process, whatever you spend, is must be lesser than whatever you're making, then you are financially free. And she said you could be financially free with just $2,000 you can be financially free with $3,000 I'm like you my mind, right? Because it's coming from her Rich Dad, Poor Dad, her husband, Robert Kiyosaki. So all these form a very strongly interesting conversation for our listeners right now, which is what are you spending on a boil style to what are you spending on you could be making 1000 2000 5000 10,000 whatever the amount by as long as you are living below your means. And you can be that and you can set that that is financially free. Now of course, they say oh, can you be extra property then I don't need to work of course that can be but you could have a lot of properties and still spend a lot of money. Right? Let's talk about people going into bankruptcy. It could be for different reasons, right? People going to five six figure debt. I have helped these women in soul rich woman, and usually it's because of unwise decisions in your life. And we all learned right? These are never just failures. Look at these as lessons as stepping stones to our real and true financial freedom, but begin with your first step, which is the financial independence.

Sharon Sidhu: 35:08

Yeah. And so that's actually a really nice way to end off I think the interview, which is it can mean like what you said that whatever the number is, it really doesn't matter is actually different for different people. But just being very conscious about what we're spending on, are we spending on the things that really bring us joy as well? And, and just being aware about that. So I always quote, my mantra is money is a portal to your soul? Because it really is because how you spend reveals so much about you, and is an impulsive spending, what does it say about you? Why do you behave that way? So things like that. So I really like that piece of definition in terms of the financial freedom. So thank you for sharing that. Is there anything else janeshia as we're coming to a wrap anything else that you think is important that we should leave our listeners with that we didn't touch on during the interview?

Genecia Alluoro: 35:57

Sure, I have two free gifts for you. Number one secrets of personal branding. This is a book that I've written, and I would like to gift it to you for free. And it's all about building your personal branding online. Number two, I would like to give to you, how do you delegate 80% of your to do list to your assistant so that you can focus on your zone of genius and make money online. So these tool downloadables are on my website as soulrichwoman.com. S O U L, R I C H, W O M A N .com. Remember, alone, you are strong. Together, we are unstoppable.

Sharon Sidhu: 36:40

Thank you so much to Genecia for your generosity, and we'll include the links there so you guys can go and download it. Thank you again so much for your time. I really appreciate it really enjoyed it all the lessons and insights and valuable experience of that you've actually gone through your life and all the different twists and turns like Like I said earlier on. So thank you so much for your time. Really appreciate it. And I wish you a good day ahead.

Genecia Alluoro: 37:02

Yeah. Thank you. And please connect with me. If you love today's episode. My name is Genecia Alluoro.

Sharon Sidhu: 37:07

Yes, we will put all that as well on the show notes. And then people who want to connect with you actually, what's the best way to like get in touch with you any preferred platforms or all platforms are good for you.

Genecia Alluoro: 37:17

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram at Genecia Alluoro, G E N E C I A A L L U O R O. Thank you.

Sharon Sidhu: 37:28

Okay, then we'll include that as well. And the links Thank you and bye bye.

Genecia Alluoro: 37:32

Bye bye.

Sharon Sidhu: 37:34

I'm so excited to be pre selling my online course. RISE. RISE is a step by step program to help you master your relationship with money so that you can be financially free doing what you love. In this four module, self paced online course you'll get to learn how to recognize and let go of the self defeating money stories and rules you've been living your life from, which is likely the very thing keeping you imprisoned by the fear of not having enough money. You'll learn how to master your head and your heart when it comes to money so that you don't have to let money control you or make you feel stressed, anxious or burden. For more information about the cause, visit twopointzero.me/rise that's R I S E. Once again, it's twopointzero.me/rise. Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you in the program. Thanks for listening. If you like what you heard, please leave a review on whichever podcast player you were listening on. It really helps me further my mission of helping more people realize their highest potential and live rich, fulfilling lives. Don't forget to hit subscribe to be notified when a new episode is released each week. Finally, download the worksheets and check out the resources for the episode. And most importantly, correct is what you learn so you can transform your life. I'll see you in the next episode.


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