051 - Learn How to Get A Money Making Mindset with Life & Time Management Coach, Gretta Scholten


This week’s guest is Gretta Scholten, a certified life and time management coach. She helps women overcome overwhelm, procrastination, analysis paralysis so they can create habits and routines they love and feel productive and fulfilled every single day. 

What I love about Gretta and her story is her resilience and tenacity around money which comes through so clearly when you talk to her. As a breadwinner and dealing with moments of having a negative account balance, Gretta shares how even despite such challenging times, she’s been able to coach herself and adopt the mindset necessary to create money in her life.

I found Gretta’s grounded energy to be very calming and reassuring. I’m impressed by Gretta’s rapid transition from Occupational Therapist to Life & Time Management Coach and how she’s managed to deal with the financial pressure on a new business in such a calm, rational and spiritual way. 

Gretta shares so much valuable insights about:

  • How to go for what your heart wants (also known as desire) and to start before you’re ready even though your brain’s always going to talk you out of it because it’s trying to keep you safe.
  • How money can be easy instead of always feeling difficult. Gretta shares openly about how she deals with scary moments of a negative account balance.
  • How not to throw money at problems thinking that money will solve them. Learn the process that Gretta uses to ensure whatever money she spends helps her deal with a problem.
  • The key to getting the things that are important to you done and how to develop self-trust to become the person who always follows through.  
  • And so much more!

A big thank you to Samantha Siffring @samanthahms as well for the introduction to Gretta. I connected with Gretta through Samantha’s podcast and coaching program - both which I highly recommend!


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