050 - How To Get Over Feeling ‘Freaking Scared’ of Making Big Financial Decisions & Taking Risks to Go For Your Dreams with Kelsey Kerslake


This week’s guest is Kelsey Kerslake, CEO, Creative Director, and Business Coach at Pinegate Road and the Aligned Business Academy.

Over the last decade Kelsey has helped hundreds of online business owners build their brands and online presences. She believes deeply that everyone has the potential to make their dreams a reality and has a passion for supporting online service providers, coaches, and educators to help them lead business and live lives that are fulfilling AND profitable.

We talked about how Kelsey turned her fun side hustle into her current branding agency while working a corporate job at American Greetings before deciding to strike out on her own as a business owner when she started earning more from her side hustle than her full-time job. 

This was such a valuable lesson in financial mindset, decision making, taking risks, overcoming fears and so much more!

Some of the things we talked about were:

  • How to make decisions from your ‘future self’ instead of from fear.
  • How to run a profitable business even without having any formal business training or background and how she grew her team to help her continue to grow her business while working her full-time corporate job. 
  • Kelsey’s time management process by working from her ideal schedule.
  • How to charge the ‘right’ price for your services or products. This was a fantastic crash course by Kelsey on Pricing! I loved this portion of our chat getting business advice from Kelsey including the mindset needed to succeed at this level of financial success
  • Getting over the fear of taking risks financially for her business.
  • The peace that comes from being financially free.
  • And more!


Don’t forget to let Kelsey know how what she shared has helped you gain a new insight or try something new - like charging the price you really want instead of what you think people will pay!

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