052 - What Goldilocks & The Three Bears Can Teach You About Life, Business, Resilience & Self-Discovery with Lagom Kids Owners, Anna & Toni


This week’s episode is a fun one with Anna & Toni who run Lagom Kids, the first homegrown kids retail and activity brand to use comfort, exploration and experience to inspire play to learn and discover this beautiful world of ours. 

Lagom is a Swedish word that means “just right” and Anna & Toni share how they are using the theme of Goldilocks & The Three Bears to bring children on a journey of self-discovery and growth with the idea of "not too little and not too much" by seeking out what is "just right" for them. This is how our kids will experience and live a life of happiness.

Toni and Anna from Lagom Kids may have grown up worlds apart, but they shared the same free spirit of adventure, exploration, and self-discovery as young girls. They bring their passion and collective life experience as individuals, wives and mothers with their own families to inspire play, stories and confidence to a new generation of children.

I loved this conversation with Anna & Toni because we talked about not just how they came to start, run, grow and evolve their business but also:

  • Working as two very different people and learning to complement each other
  • Thriving in retail amidst COVID-19
  • Evolving a new part of the business that is serving such an important need for our kids by encouraging self-discovery, creativity and imagination
  • Making choices, staying present, freezing our eggs and so much more!

This is a must-listen for all you women & moms. And check out the following resources mentioned on the show.


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