011 - Beyond Financial Education - The Keys To Impactful & Lasting Change In Destructive Financial Behaviours with Founder & CEO of Uplifters, Marie Kretz Di Meglio


Marie Kretz Di Meglio is the founder of Uplifters. Uplifters is a non-profit organisation registered in Hong Kong and their mission is to empower underprivileged communities, particularly domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Singapore with online education and peer support.

Listen to this entire episode to learn how Marie tapped into her experience both in the private and nonprofit sector to start and fuel this community movement that is transforming the lives and given the women she serves, hope and real, concrete actions to make their dreams come true.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How it’s actually the lack of self-belief, self-confidence, self-esteem and hope for a better future that makes it so difficult for people to adopt more positive financial behaviours rather than just the lack of financial education.
  • Why community and connecting with people who understand you is more important to change than just teaching and telling them to do so.
  • How adapting online education to make it relevant to underprivileged communities helped Uplifters grow by 400% in 1 year.
  • The unique financial and emotional challenges that women who leave their families and kids back home to make a living overseas face and how these can be overcomed.
  • How Uplifters combines social media and community leadership to meet the women exactly where they are, instead of more preaching about sound money management.
  • How Marie constantly pushes herself out of her own comfort zone to overcome mis-steps, detours and challenges to gain self-mastery and do what she believes in as the Founder and CEO of Uplifters.
  • What drives Marie to continue doing what she does and her vision for her life.
  • We also talk about the Fogg Behaviour Model from Dr BJ Fogg’s book, ‘Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything’ that both of us subscribe to in making behaviour change stick.

Here are the featured resources and links to find out more about Uplifters and how you can support and get involved in their cause:

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