017 - What is Money Shame and How Can You Overcome It?


Chinese New Year is a time where money really shows up everywhere for those of us celebrating it. As a race, we Chinese seem to have an obsession with money, prosperity and abundance. It’s literally what we say to each other during Chinese New Year when we wish each other ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’!

So while money is something we talk a lot about and is quite central to our culture, the flip side is the shame and embarrassment that comes along with it when you don’t have it.

You’re almost always, even if behind your back, judged for how ‘prosperous’ you are. 

This is translated into the job you hold, the man you marry, the house you live in, the type of car you drive, the schools your kids go to, etc. I could go on.

With globalization and the influence of other cultures, ancient wisdom and traditions and people who demonstrated other pathways to success beyond success measured only in terms of money and wealth, we’ve become more receptive of alternative livelihoods besides the stereotypical doctor, lawyer or engineer to be regarded as successful.

As we approach Chinese New Year, I thought it’s timely to talk about money and more specifically money shame. What it is, how it shows up in our lives and how it can prevent us from living out our true purpose and be financially free.

What’s Covered on This Episode

  • What’s money shame?
  • How does money shame show up in your life?
  • My 3-Step Approach to dealing with money shame so that you don’t let it prevent you from doing important things in your life.

Resources Mentioned on This Episode

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