Sharon is a Certified MAP Method™ Coach to career mothers. With 2 decades of corporate experience in HR, recruiting and leadership training, Sharon's passion is empowering women to pursue their career aspirations and realise their fullest potential. As a working mom, primary earner and caregiver of 2 wonderful kids, Sharon has walked the path and overcome challenges many ambitious career mothers face like work life balance, stress and burnout, time and money management, advocating for yourself to get what you want and more. Join Sharon as she shares her insights, wisdom and experience as a high achieving career mom who's continually growing her career while being the mom she choses to be with her kids.

*Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this podcast are Sharon's and don’t represent those of her employers past or present.

empowering career moms

Thriving in Career & Motherhood

Welcome to the podcast that’s all about empowering women so they can have a thriving career as a mother. This podcast is for high achieving women who want to have a successful career without sacrificing quality time and connection with their kids. Get inspiration, insights, tips and strategies about doing work you love by leveraging your natural gifts and superpower as a mom. It’s time to change the narrative around being a career mom from one of struggle, sacrifice and stress, to something that’s empowering, uplifting and rewarding. Thanks for listening and joining me on this journey!

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