Welcome to the Two Point Zero Podcast! I’m your host, Sharon and I help women achieve their work and life goals with clarity, confidence, courage and peace so that they can live the life they want with peace.

On this podcast, you’ll get tips about achieving your goals by using your intuition and subconscious mind to guide your decisions and actions so that you can get real results in a peaceful way, without stressing and burning out.

Clearing all that chatter in your brain is what gives you clarity, confidence and courage to take the actions needed to guarantee your success. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help and support you to achieve your work/life goals, come for a free, LIVE online demo in my meetup group, Create the Time, Money & Career You Want:


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110 - The Rational & Intuitive Sides of You Are Part of Your Indivisible Whole

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109 - Emotional Trauma is Like Indigestion. It Causes Discomfort Until You Process It.

108 - How to Tell If Answers You're Receiving Are From Your Animal Instinct or Your Wise Intuition

107 - Why You're Still Not Where You Want To Be (Despite Running So Hard for Your Goals)

106 - How to Spend Your Time & Energy on Activities That Help You Achieve Your Goals

105 - 4 Key Ingredients to Make the Money You Want Doing Work You Love

104 - How to Transition Into Doing Work You Love Without Sacrificing Your Financial Security

103- We Underestimate What It Takes To Build A Successful Career. We Also Underestimate What We Can Take To Build a Successful Career.

102- How to Tell When It’s Time for Change In Your Job

101- How to Be Unfirable

100- To be Exceptional, Be Unafraid of Being Different

099- 10 Steps to Overcoming the Self-doubt, Uncertainty, Fear & Stress of Achieving BIG THINGS in Your Life

098 - Dealing with Disbelief

097 - How to Build Trust & Belief in Yourself to Create Anything You Want

096 - 8 Steps to Journal Your Way Through Anxiety Towards a Clear Action Plan

095 - Being Able to Deal with Your Own Emotions Is A Better Strategy Than Trying to Change Others

094 - The Stories You Make Up Determine Your Life

093 -Let Go of Your Need for Approval If You Want to Accomplish Anything Amazing

092 -Master Your Emotions To Get Anything You Want

091 - Hold Space For Gratitude & Frustration At The Same Time. It’s What Guarantees Your Success.

090 - Time

089 - What Is True Freedom & How To Get It

088 - How to Leave the Job You Hate and Make a Living Doing What You Love With Nathania Stambouli

087 - Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work & What to Do Instead to Get Real Results

086 - What Exactly Is Coaching & Why Have a Coach?

085 - Being ‘Emotional’ Is Key to Your Success & Creating the Life You Want

084 - What Is Your Superconscious Mind & How to Use It to Create the Life You Want?

083 - Empowering & Creating Opportunities for Women to Be Financially Free With Christine Looi

082 - 4 Steps to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy (Step 4 of 4)

081 - 4 Steps to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy (Step 3 of 4)

080 - 4 Steps to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy (Step 2 of 4)

079 - 4 Steps to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy (Step 1 of 4)

078 - You Have What It Takes to Make Your Dreams Come True

077 - Taking a Hobby & Turning It Into a Full-Fledged Business With Tori Mistick

076 - Changing Your Mindset is Easy & Fast

075 - 4 Steps to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Self-Doubt & Do Work You Love with Ease & Joy

074 - 9 Tips To Make a Living Doing Work You Love & Create a Life of Your Dreams

073 - Getting over Perfectionism & Doing the Practical Thing with Shelby Abrahamsen

072 - Dealing With Grief, Acceptance, Decisions, Time & Living A Life That Honours Yourself with Janine Kwoh

071 - Keeping the Faith & Staying Consistent with Your Dreams with Fashion Designer, Whitney Manney

070 - Learn A Practical Tool to Do Hard Things & Live a Life of Meaning with Dr Diana Hill

069 - Embrace All of Who You Are with Beauty YouTuber, Nutritionist & Health Coach, Serein Wu

068 - Transforming A Personal Loss Into Her Calling with Chef Daniella Malfitano

067 - Overcoming Fear & Limiting Beliefs to Create The Life You Want with Espree Devora

066 - Homeschooling Creative & Confident Future-Ready Kids with Parenting Coach, Elaine Haren

065 - What Fighting For What You Believe In Looks Like in Real Life with Linda Locke

064 - Pursuing Her Passion for Coaching While Battling Stage 4 Cancer with Snehal Ponde

063 - Net Worth = Self-Worth? Learn Why This Is True For Some More Than Others with Dr Deborah E. Ward

062 - Speaking In Your Powerful, Authentic Voice with Ashleigh Rennie

061 - Follow Your Passions & Pursue Your Dreams To Create A Life Your Heart Desires

060 - ‘Freeze Your Eggs!’ Learn Why With Anna Bervander

059 - Inside the Mind of Linda Locke, Accomplished Leader In Advertising, IVF Warrior, Children’s Book Author & Great Grandniece of Agnes Joaquim, the first woman in the world to create a Hybrid Orchid, Singapore’s National Flower

053 - What Does Mindfulness Have To Do With Money? (A Lot)

052 - What Goldilocks & The Three Bears Can Teach You About Life, Business, Resilience & Self-Discovery with Lagom Kids Owners, Anna & Toni

051 - Learn How to Get A Money Making Mindset with Life & Time Management Coach, Gretta Scholten

050 - How To Get Over Feeling ‘Freaking Scared’ of Making Big Financial Decisions & Taking Risks to Go For Your Dreams with Kelsey Kerslake

046 - Why Giving Up Is A Great Way To Help You Get What You Want

044 - How to Build a Blog from Scratch to a 6-Figure Business with Kate Kordsmeier

043 - Work Smarter, Not Harder with Cara Chace, former Special Agent, Metalhead, and a Pinterest Expert

042 - Mom of 4 to 7-figure Entrepreneur AND having Biceps After Babies with Amber Bruseke

037 - Create Freedom in Your Business & Adventure in Life with Natalie Sisson

036 - Tune into Your Body Wisdom So You Never Need Another Diet Again With Intuitive Eating Coach, Beth Smeeton

035 - Entrepreneurial Mom of 3, Kate Saffle, Runs Her Business & Supports Her Family, Living & Travelling out of an RV!

034 - What does a Head of Consumer Planning, Certified Face Yoga Teacher and Habit Change Coach Have in Common? Find out with Liz Lee Who Happens to be All 3!

033 - The Journey from Corporate Employee to Sought After Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist with Monica Louie

032 - Healthy cooking with kids, confidence building, financial freedom & more with Katie Kimball, CSME, founder and CEO of Kitchen Stewardship

029 - Building Money Wellness So That You Can Leave Your Legacy & Do Good in The World with Financial Freedom Coach, Cindy Shaw

028 - Starting from Scratch to Reaching the Heights of Accomplishment, with Soul Rich Woman Founder, Former Miss Singapore, Business Coach and Mentor, Genecia Alluora

027 - From Dentist to Coach, Healer & Teacher and Finding Alignment Between Your Head, Your Heart and Your Soul with Dr Shirin Hedayati

026 - 4 Things To Do To Bounce Back Quickly When LIfe Doesn’t Go As Planned

025 - Understanding Introversion, High Sensitivity and Using These to Live Your True Calling, with Career & Business Coach, Val Nelson

024 - Hear how “Mama to CEO” Founder, Samantha Siffring, Took Her Business from $40 to A Million Dollars in 12 Months

023 - From Catatonically Depressed to Creating Sunshine & Love, Spreading Joy Through Her Handpainted Creations with Chief Painter, Amelia

022 - Be Your Bold, Unique Self with Rita Kakati-Shah, award-winning, gender, diversity, inclusion and career strategist, speaker, author & advisor

021 - Going from $50k in debt to making over 6 figures and living your ideal life with mom of 8, Lisa Canning

020 - Turning a Childhood Dream Into Reality with Carolyn Law

019 - There Are Multiple Paths to Financial Freedom with Siobhain Danaher

018 - What Does Your Relationship With Money Say About You?

017 - What is Money Shame and How Can You Overcome It?

016 - How to Increase Your Value & Ability to Earn More by Developing an Abundant Mindset

015 - Mindfulness Isn’t Just Fluffy, Feel Good Affirmations But Actually Steeped in Science, Sofie Hon Explains

014 - How to Live Your Life Abundantly When You've Almost Lost It With Barbara Fraile

013 - 8 Tips to Achieve Success in Career & Motherhood with CEO of CLIMB, Deon Senturk

012 -  How To Make Sense of Your Career Transitions with Career Coach, Nerice Gietel

011 -  Beyond Financial Education - The Keys To Impactful & Lasting Change In Destructive Financial Behaviours with Founder & CEO of Uplifters, Marie Kretz Di Meglio

009 - How this different definition of financial independence can change your life

008 - What Doing Work You Love & Having A Vision for Your Life Looks Like With Deon Senturk

007 - How Discovering Your Life's Purpose Leads You To Financial Freedom

006 - How to Shift Your Thoughts from Scarcity to Abundance - A Practical Example

005 - Can You Be Financially Free Doing What You Love?

003 - How Financial Mistakes Can Help You Become Financially Free

002 - You Don't Need More Money To Be Financially Free. You Need This Instead.

001 - What's Financial Freedom & Confidence Anyway?