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    Sharon Singh Sidhu

    Working mom growing a business on the side of her

    9 to 5 job

    Who am I?

    In 2014, I went all in to start a business which failed. With a 6 figure business debt to pay off, I went back to a job, only to be let go from that job.

    I realized going 'all in' or depending on a single income source wasn't the answer to making my dreams come true. I started side hustling in 2018 and haven't looked back.

    It's possible to start and grow a business on the side of your job or family commitments. I spend 2 hours a day on mine.

    "Start a Side Gig" is a course specially designed to help working moms start a side gig with just 2 hours a day.

    I share everything I wished I knew about starting and running your own business that nobody tells you.

    Sign up for the course and let's do this!

    What will you learn?

    • Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that cause most people to give up.
    • What it really takes to start your own business.
    • Optimize your time to build your business on the side of a full-time job and parenting responsibilities
    • Create a plan that's sustainable and ensures you achieve your goals.
    • Handle the anxieties and fears that comes with running your own business
    • Stay focused and motivated by mastering mindset and handling your inner negative chatter.