015 - Mindfulness Isn’t Just Fluffy, Feel-Good Affirmations But Steeped in Science, as explained by Engineer-turned-Mindset Coach & HeartyWorkLife Founder, Sofie Hon


Sofie Hon is the founder of Hearty Mums. Sofie is a mother of 2 young girls, a certified coach, MAP practitioner and an advanced trainer at MAP Coaching Institute. Hearty Mums provides mindfulness coaching services  to empower Career Mums and Mums-To-Be to raise resilient, happy children, and to embrace an environment that nurtures happiness and success for their children by mastering their own emotional fitness. In other words, to become Hearty Mums!

In this episode, we talk about how Sofie made a career switch as an Engineer to become a mindset and mindfulness coach, what she wished she’d learned starting up her business and her practical tips on how you too, can find your purpose or ‘why’ to live a fulfilling life.

More fascinating is that mindfulness isn’t just sitting on your meditation cushion and learning how to think positive and feel good. Sofie explains the neuroscience behind what’s actually going on in our brains, how to rewire our neural networks to reprogram our brains and free us from beliefs holding us back so that we can take the steps necessary to live the life we want. 

What We Discuss on This Episode

  • How and why Sofie started Hearty Mums.
  • How her approach combines both the science-based research with softer aspects like mindfulness to get results you want.
  • Potential partnership opportunities in Sofie’s focus to prioritize more time with her kids this year - anyone interested in partnering up with Sofie on technology, marketing or coaching should connect with Sofie!
  • The 4 questions Sofie uses to help her clients discover their ‘why’. Knowing your why is important when working towards financial freedom.
  • Why looking out for patterns that repeat in your life is an indication and clue to misalignment between what you know in your head and what’s in your heart. Such misalignment may lead you to wonder why despite doing all the ‘correct’ things by the book, you still aren’t getting the results you want.  

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