“As I was struggling with my decision to relocate from Hong Kong to Morocco with my family, Sharon tremendously helped me make my choice a serene one. She asked the right questions and by doing so, made it crystal clear to me what were the exact reasons why I needed this change to happen in my life. Thanks to her support, I look forward to this move while feeling immensely grateful for my life experience here in Hong Kong. Sharon is not only a professional and highly competent coach but also and maybe most importantly, a genuinely kind and compassionate human being ❤️."

Camille, Learning Designer, Uplifters

“Sharon's sessions have been tremendously helpful for me. I've had a very challenging and stressful season and have started my 1st coaching session with Sharon being very stressed out and overwhelmed. Since then, after each coaching session, I've been able to realise a greater sense of peace, calm and stability. Additionally, I am also experiencing an openness to embrace challenges as they come with a more positive outlook on challenges & negative experiences."

Lin, senior leader at a professional services company

“(The coaching sessions) helped me to perceive some things differently, such as my idea of how fast or slow I am achieving things and what obstacles are holding me back. Thanks Sharon for your coaching and advice! It was an interesting experience and I learnt a few tips to rethink how I deal with situations in life."

Valerie, Manager, Mastercard

“I had the chance to get a one-to-one session with Sharon. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her ability to summarize my struggles very quickly. Sharon has a very clear mind and will get you very practical solutions straight away."

Charlotte, Co-Founder, Mewar Collective

“Sharon is very patient and approachable. I enjoy her coaching sessions and she is always there to address my doubts or concerns and helps me to understand better. I notice (my) thoughts and behaviours, which in turn (helps me in) slowly changing/improving myself hopefully."


“After each coaching session, I found myself more at peace and at an utter loss for room for worry. Whatever was discussed as my pain points during my coaching session seemed to dissolve, dissipate and did not feel like pain points after the session. The sessions have really worked and I have not experienced a rebound yet."


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