008 - What Doing Work You Love & Having A Vision for Your Life Looks Like With Deon Senturk


In this very first guest interview, I speak with Deon Senturk, CEO and founder of CLIMB, a leadership development programme at the Singapore Management University.

Deon talks about how she ended up doing work she's passionate about, and how it doesn't have to be a trade-off between doing what you love and being financially free and secure.

Listen in to hear about Deon's journey, how CLIMB is adapting to the current uncertain and quickly evolving environment, and how you too, can do purposeful work and be financially free.

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The Financially Free Woman Podcast was launched in November 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to share the stories of everyday people making a living doing what they love. While training her students in leadership and mental resilience, Sharon noticed the rising level of financial stress and anxiety experienced by many of her students. It dawn on Sharon that this was an opportunity for her to share how she overcame her own financial anxieties triggered by her personal experience with a 6-figure business debt and being let go from her job as the family's primary breadwinner. She began sharing everything she learned about mastering not just the practical side of money but also her mindset around money. Through this work, Sharon began meeting and building a community of women creating and living their dream lives. The Financially Free Woman Podcast is a collection of stories, practical tips and strategies to help you discover your passions, and use them to make a lucrative living. Imagine a life where you spend your time doing what you love and getting paid well for it! That's exactly what these women featured on the podcast are doing and they tell you how! Get inspired and start creating your own your dream life!


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