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Hi there! I'm Sharon.

I'm passionate about building a successful side hustle as a full-time working mother to 2 amazing kids!

In 2018, a financial crisis woke me up to the risk of depending on a single source of income from a job for the well-being of my entire family.

Back then, spurred by the people who told me you had to go all in for your business, I quit my corporate job, started a business, got into massive debt to do it, and when the business didn't take off as expected, I returned to a 9 to 5 to pay off the debt and feed the family, only to lose that job.

I eventually found another job, but during that time, I learned:

  • Going all in to start a business is bad advice if you've got a family to support.
  • It always takes longer than you expect to build that successful business you dream of.
  • The key to building a successful business is your ability to stay committed and take consistent action over the long term.

Since then, I've been building my business on the side of my day job.

This is my preferred path to financial security and freedom and I teach this to other women who have dreams of doing work that fulfils them so they can have the freedom to provide a better life and spend more time with their kids.

This workshop is currently being revamped to better serve the needs of women who aspire to start a side gig and being their journey to freedom.

Watch this space for updates soon!

In the meantime, you can email me at sharon@sharonsinghsidhu.com if you have questions.


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