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5 simple principles to master money. (And why they’re so hard to implement in real life.) Here’s what to do about it.

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Mastering money is simple.

  1. Know what you make and what you spend
  2. Make more than you spend
  3. Save a portion of the surplus so you don’t go into debt for ‘emergencies’
  4. Invest the rest of the surplus to grow wealth
  5. Leverage compounding over time to maximize your investment returns

5 simple principles to be wealthy and financially free.



Most people are struggling with most, if not all of these ‘simple’ principles.

That’s why most people aren’t financially free.

You know why?

The process of executing these 5 principles is fraught with strong emotions that pull, push, or keep us stuck.

How many people stick with tracking what they make and spend?

How many people are stuck spending more than they make?

How many people don’t have surplus savings to deal with emergencies?

How many people still have any surplus left after taking care of everything they need to live to still invest?

How many people leave their investment alone to compound over decades instead of feeling compelled to touch it to make a quick buck?


Money is totally emotional.

Mastering money is simple, but far from easy.

Until you get a handle on those emotions

that make you do things you know you shouldn’t with your money

but still can’t seem to help it.

Calming yourself during the process of implementing these 5 simple principles as you go through life,

is how you can finally be a master of your money, rather than a slave to it.

The first step to getting a handle on how you feel about money is to notice what those sensations feel like.

The easiest way to do this is to pay attention to where in your body it shows up.

Then name it and give it a color, texture, or smell.

Emotions are intangible, giving them form helps us wrap our heads around it.

Now that you can see it, we can deal with it.

To release its hold on you, you have to change the way you relate to it.

This is what I help women do.

By using a framework and system I've used to go from being stressed out about money,

to living life on my terms, free from financial anxiety.

If you want me to help you experience this level of peace of mind and confidence, then join my 12-week 1:1 coaching program,

12 Weeks to Financial Confidence

I'll take you through a simple step-by-step process and help you put together a realistic action plan,

so you can finally breathe and take calm and clear actions to create the financial life you want.

From now until 25 January 2024,

I'm offering a 50% discount on my coaching program, '12 Weeks to Financial Confidence'.

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all geared towards helping you feel more confident and relaxed around money in 12 weeks.

It’s time to empower more women to be confident about money.


P.S. If you still have doubts or questions, let's talk about them so you can make a decision, fully informed.

Book a call with me and let's chat.

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