Cut through the noise to define what works for you

Hello Reader,

There’s so much conflicting advice about how to be successful in your career or business.

All this information is great, there’s so much you can learn.

Unfortunately, it keeps most people stuck, unable to take any action because they don’t know where to start.

Many successful people I admire and follow say opposing things.

~ Post daily on social media! You need to be top of mind.
~ Don’t post daily! Only post high-quality content, that’s how you build a brand people will follow.

~ Do it easy! That’s where your zone of genius is.
~ Don’t do it easy! Growth requires discomfort.

~ Leave the job! It’s not worth it if it doesn’t support the lifestyle you want.
~ Don’t leave the job! Be grateful you’re not under financial pressure as you build your business on the side.

Who are you supposed to listen to when there’s so much confusing and conflicting information on how best to grow your career or business?

Here are 3 steps you can take to cut out the noise to decipher what’s best for you.

1. Look at the data

When you look at who’s giving the advice, you’ll notice they’re all successful in their own right.

That’s why you look up to them.

This tells you that all this advice works.

There’s more than one way and no one best way.

Ultimately, you get to decide how you want to define success and which strategy to use to get there.

So how do you pick which ones to follow?

2. Notice how you feel

We all have an inner GPS.

Call it your soul, inner wisdom, higher self, or whatever you choose to call it.

There’s a limit to how far logic takes you. Your conscious mind can will your body to act. But without guidance from your inner GPS and your soul, it gets confusing when all the data you look at works.

This is where you have to sense what it feels like to you.

Which method or strategy feels good to you?

That’s the one that’s aligned with your soul and best for you.

Everyone’s ‘best’ will look different depending on their unique life situation.

3. Choose what supports the life and person you want to be

Something can feel good but not help us get to where we want to be or be the person we want to be.

It can feel good to wish for something badly, but not want to do the work because it’s uncomfortable to put yourself out there.

Conversely, you may feel super productive doing everything, but burn yourself out in the process, or never spending time with your kids or taking care of yourself.

So you need to choose not just what feels good but also helps you build the life you want and be the person you want to be.


The next time you feel overwhelmed by all the advice you’re hearing and feel confused about what’s the best thing to do, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Look at the data

2. Notice how you feel

3. Choose what supports the life and person you want to be

It sounds simple and logical.

But when you’re caught in the thick of it, things can become unclear.

That’s when working with an experienced coach who can give you an outside, expert view is useful. This is what I help women navigate through. It’s what I’ve been doing for decades - helping people realize their full potential and bringing out the best in them.

Book a call with me to learn more about working with me to help you cut through the noise so you can create a tangible step-by-step plan to take sustainable action and build your dream career and life.

Talk to you again next week.


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