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Financial success is a journey, not a destination

Published 23 days ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

Everyone thinks financial success is a final destination you arrive at.

You're considered financially successful when:

  • You have a net worth of $X.
  • You can stop working anytime.
  • You travel anywhere you want, anytime you want.
  • You own an entire suite of properties and collect rent.
  • You buy a sports club, fly in your jet plane, and hang out with celebrities.

I don't have any of these 👆

But I know every time I've made more money and upgraded my life, there's always more I want.
My goalposts keep shifting. I imagine even after I've made all the money I want, I'll want more or different.
I've concluded that this is how financial success is.
It's a journey, not a destination.

Every time you reach a financial milestone, a new one appears.

For every level there’s another Devil. ~ Tyrese Gibson

Financial success is a process of consistently taking action to fulfill your heart's desire.
And since we're built to continuously grow and expand, the desire for more and better will always be in us.

The key is to pursue your heart's desire with purpose, faith, joy, and gratitude.

"Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want." ~ Jim Rohn

Material wealth is fantastic. Having more money enables you to make a bigger impact in the world.
But most people who want to be financially successful do it with desperation and frustration because they get disappointed that what they want isn't happening fast enough.

So they give up.

That's a sure way to guarantee a result - the result of not getting what you want.

How can you pursue all the financial success your heart desires, while being grateful for what you already have, despite the inevitable failures and disappointments along the way?

Here's a simple roadmap that works for me:

  • Have a clear financial vision that compels you to keep going.
  • Create a strategy you're deeply connected with.
  • Take daily actions and iterate along the way.
  • Handle your doubts, fears, and uncertainties.

If you want to learn how to do these, then come to my free workshop on 4 April 2024, 8 PM, GMT+8 where I'll show you how.


Can't wait to share these with you!


Sharon Singh Sidhu

I help women overcome financial anxiety and be financially secure. Certified MAP Practitioner & Leadership Trainer. Mindfulness Advocate. Journaling Enthusiast.

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