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Hard truth: No one owes you a living

Published 29 days ago • 2 min read


Here's the hard truth:

No one owes you a living.

If you've been raised to believe you're supposed to be taken care of,

this might be a hard, bitter pill to swallow.

I put it down to all those happily ever after princess stories we've been fed growing up as little girls.

The truth is, you're responsible for your own life.

While it may sound scary, it's fantastic news!


Because it means you get to make it out to be whatever you want it to be.

We all start from different places.

And it's common for people to compare -

  • how much luckier she is than me.
  • how much more she has than me.
  • how much smarter or prettier she is than me.
  • how many more opportunities she has than me.

Etc. etc.

The list is endless if you want to start comparing.

Because there will always be someone who has more than you,

and someone who has less than you,

who still managed to create even bigger results than you.

Yes, another hard truth I learned.

I've met single moms, who didn't have all the opportunities and privilege I've had, who created a life so much bigger than mine.

When I saw that, it became clear to me, to a certain degree, maybe even a large degree,

that whatever I was experiencing in my life was something I created.

When you realize this, you can let it make you a victim,

or choose to be a powerful creator.

It's as easy as deciding which you want to be.

Up to the time of this realization, I had created a lot of anxiety, stress, and unhappiness in my life.

But I decided I wanted to create a very different-looking life.

So I did. It didn't happen overnight.

But slowly and surely, things started to change.

Externally, nothing changed. But internally, everything did.

I felt lighter, and less burdened by the pressure to make money all the time.

And because of this internal shift, I was able to

  • Ask for the money I wanted
  • Mend relationships I broke
  • Get the skills I needed
  • Take care of myself

And generally feel happier!

With each goal I achieved, I took a moment to be grateful.

As new goals emerge, I continue to work on them calmly, clearly, and consistently.

The journey is the goal.

Your quality of life as you're working towards the goal matters. Not just materially, but internally and physically.

What's the quality of your life right now as you're working towards everything you want?

If it's not quite where you want it to be, I'd like to invite you to book a call with me for a recalibration.

This is your precious life.

And if you're a mom, how you treat yourself and show up for yourself,

is how you're teaching your kids to treat themselves and show up for themselves.

Your life matters more than you'll realize to the people around you.

Take 30 minutes for yourself to experience the internal shift that could change your external world.

Book a call with me and let me show you how.

If you decide to sign up, you get 50% off my coaching program from now until 25 January 2024.

Plus, you also get an additional 1:1 session with me for free.

These next 12 weeks could be the difference between staying a victim

or choosing to be a powerful creator.

Book your call today.


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