I got it all wrong when it came to making money

Hello Reader,

When I found myself in massive business debt and let go from my job as the family's primary provider,

I took action.

Frantic action.

I Googled, 'how to make money fast'.

You can imagine what came up.

Nothing I wanted to do.

What I didn't know then was, this was the wrong starting point.

When you feel anxious and panicked, you can do crazy things.

You just want to alleviate the fear you feel.

You do everything you can to prevent that worst-case scenario you made up in your head from happening.

What I should have done instead,

Was to recognize it was just my survival instincts kicking in,

Because my brain couldn't see the difference between what was real and what was made up in my head in dramatic fashion.

But, you don't know what you don't know.

And I didn't know this was the classic example of an amygdala hijack.

Your emotions kick into high gear and take over from your thinking mind.

Money sure can push those emotional buttons.

And if you're someone who gets anxious about money topics, then you might want to catch the replay of this week's workshop,

12 Weeks to Financial Confidence

I take you through a MAP session to show you what it's like to retrain your brain to recognize

What's real and what's not, especially when it comes to all your worst-case money scenarios.

So you don't let money control what you do and take intentional action to improve your financial situation.


Retraining my thoughts and emotional habits around money helped me to

  • Start a podcast and a business
  • Find the guts to negotiate and ask for the money I wanted
  • Believe in and trust my decisions, my actions, and most of all, that I'm good enough

I'd love to hear your feedback about the workshop.

Reply to this email and let me know how you felt going through the MAP session!


Sharon Singh Sidhu

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