It doesn't have to be complicated

It doesn't have to be complicated.

It really doesn't.

A lot of what we do to complicate really simple things is just that. Our thoughts, feelings, and stories we create in our heads that don't help us cut through the noise to see things clearly.

As an overthinking, over-anxious, chronic worrier and miss-worst-case scenario, I'm an expert at making up elaborate stories in my head until I get myself worked up into a frenzy over nothing.

It's happened enough times that when I catch myself doing this now, I tell myself I'm making stories up.

Besides, what's the worst thing that can happen? Even if my worst-case scenarios come true, which they often haven't, I will either survive it or I won't. If I do survive it, I'll learn something. If I don't, well, I don't.

I don't mean to sound morbid or fatalistic, but sometimes it helps to just see it for what it is.

In case you're wondering how I manage to see things clearly like that, it's been through a combination of daily practice of meditation, journaling, and using the MAP Method so I don't let feelings like fear, worry, or stress about things I have no control over distract me from achieving my goals and creating the life I want.

I'm sharing my journaling practice next week.

Journaling is such a simple and powerful method you can use anytime, anywhere to gain clarity, insight, release, and relief from fears and anxiety.

Click here to join the workshop and let's do this together!

See you.


Sharon Singh Sidhu

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