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Keep it simple and impactful to get the results you want

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

It's easy to get all excited when you're starting something new, like a side hustle.

You dream of making it big like the people you see online.

You invest in all the fancy tools, create courses, get ready to scale, and leverage your time in anticipation of the hundreds of clients and customers you expect to have.

Only to discover it takes a lot more than you thought.

It took me years to learn this expensive lesson. But when I did, I decided to streamline everything and focused on just one thing - helping women 1:1 stop stressing about money.

I got rid of all the fancy tools, multiple lead magnets, websites, podcasts, webinar launches, workshops, email courses, e-books, online programs, etc.

Now, I just focus on being helpful and supportive to the women I engage with on LinkedIn. I share my thoughts and experiences about overcoming financial anxiety and creating a happy and successful life.

Although it seemed like a 'waste' to get rid of all that I'd created, it was a necessary process to learn the important and obvious lesson:

There's more value in keeping things simple and impactful than trying to do everything and overcomplicating things.

It's also a lot harder to keep things simple and impactful.

It takes a lot of experience, wisdom, and discernment to know what to remove and still have it be useful.

If you find yourself overwhelmed doing all the things to get the results you want, take a moment and ask yourself,

  • What am I trying to achieve here?
  • What can I strip away to simplify?
  • How can this be easier?

Going for big goals (like building a business!) will take more than you expected. Don't make it harder by overcomplicating it and eroding your impact.

Good luck!


P.S. What are you building or working on this year? Let me know, I'd love to hear about it!

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