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Thanks for letting me know the link in the email below doesn't work.

I really need to get better at figuring out this tech thing.

Here's the link to book your call:

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One of the biggest blocks that used to prevent me from experiencing more ease and peace of mind about money was RESENTMENT.

Of course, I didn't know it at the time to label it this.

All I knew was that I was constantly angry,

at my bosses, my work situation, my family, and most of all, my husband! LOL

I laugh about it now, but it used to create so much tension and ugly fights between us.

These fights played on a loop. And it made me feel miserable.

They were always around the same old things -

  • Not enough money - mostly me blaming him that we didn't have enough money
  • Him feeling like I put my work and colleagues above him - which was a result of my fear of getting fired and losing my income

This is how money can affect our lives without us even knowing it.

Our emotions around money seep silently into and affect so many aspects of our lives.

Making us feel this chronic low (or even high) level of dissatisfaction, discontentment, and insecurity.

Becoming aware of my resentment enabled me to stop demanding and depending on others to come and save me.

I could finally let go of my desperate need for others to take care of me.

I became certain that no matter what, I'd be okay.

When I learned to believe in myself 100%, the constant pressure and fear I used to feel lifted.

I could think and act calmly and clearly.

I didn't even have to make millions of dollars to feel this way.

Am I delusional?


But my delusions led me to

  • make the money I want
  • do work I'm excited about
  • travel the world with my kids
  • mend my relationship with my husband

All in all, my delusions helped me live a happier, more relaxed, and peaceful life.

If you also want to be delusional feel happier, more satisfied, and at peace, all it takes is for you to:

  • Make a decision
  • Have a simple plan
  • Condition your mind
  • Get the help you need
  • Take intentional and consistent action

If you want help doing this because you're tired of feeling stressed and anxious about money, book a call with me to learn how.



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