Pain = Growth

Hello Reader,

Most of us run from pain. It's hardwired into us. Everything we do is solely to avoid pain and danger, increase satisfaction and ease, and stay alive. This is how we've survived as a species. There's an inbuilt bias in us to look out for danger and anything negative that could harm us.

It worked well in ancient times.

Not so much now when we're no longer living in the wilderness.

But our hardwire still hasn't been upgraded. We're still running on version 1.0.

So whenever we encounter any pain, where:

  • our careers are not panning out as we expected yet
  • our finances are not at the level we like them to be
  • our partners are not being the way we want them to be

We run away, fight, and resist or freeze, confused and lost about what to do next.

As long as we're stuck in this fight, flight, or freeze mode, we're not growing because we're not learning from our pain.

So life keeps throwing us the lessons we're still not learning until we learn it.

Ever notice how patterns keep repeating?

You keep working hard towards that promotion and recognition you want at work and not getting it.
You keep trying to make more or save more only to feel like there's never enough money.
You keep finding yourself in the same old relationships with the same types of people.

Journaling helped me reflect, gain insight, and take action to change my actions so I could learn from painful life experiences.

It's how I transitioned my career to do work I love, make more money, create more time, and experience more happiness and peace.

I'll be sharing my daily journaling practice next week in a free workshop.

Learn how to use journaling to grow from your pain and use those lessons to get what you want in your career and life instead of keeping you stuck.

Sign up for the workshop HERE.

See you then.


Sharon Singh Sidhu

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