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Successful people all do this to get the results they want

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

You don't need more of the thing you think you need to get the result you want.


  • You don't need more money to feel financially secure.
  • You don't need more time to start that dream business.
  • You don't need more qualifications to be an expert.

Instead, you need to stick with a few fundamental concepts and improve at applying them.

I've been studying how successful people became successful.

They may say it differently, but they all say some variation of this -

Their success has been a result of their ability to keep doing the thing they were doing (repetition), improving on it (iteration), until they got the result they wanted (success).

To summarize it into a simple equation:

Success = Repetition + Iteration

Success only comes with repetition - doing it again and again.

But repeating a bad thing results in more bad things. You don't want to repeat blindly.

Evaluate if what you're doing works, and make adjustments if it doesn't. This is what iteration means.

Instead of adding more and more (this is exhausting), you focus on making what you have better and better.

You can apply this to money too.

Instead of running on the hamster's wheel chasing for more and more money, you optimize what you already have:

  • Your strengths and talents.
  • Your experience and skills.
  • Your existing pot of money.

As you repeat and iterate, you get better and better.

  • Better at what you already do well.
  • Better at the quality and work you put out.
  • Better at making the money you have work harder for you.

When you do these, you

  • Become recognized as an expert.
  • Get paid more for the high value you contribute.
  • Increase and multiply the return on your money.

The result you want is the natural by-product of optimizing what you already have.

Focus on the key fundamentals then work on making it better and better through repetition and iteration.

These key fundamentals are what's already inside you.

  • Your experience and skills.
  • Your natural strengths and talents.
  • Your confidence and belief in yourself.

This is a more sustainable and enjoyable way to achieve the success and results you want.

See you next week!


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