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Published 3 months ago • 2 min read


I'm reading Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence now.

I'm going 'aha' at every other chapter...

My bias toward purely rational and logical thought was being challenged on every page I turned.

But it was also confirming what I discovered recently.

And specifically, as it relates to money.

What I've read up to this point has confirmed what I've experienced with money in my life.

Our emotions are equally important when it comes to decision-making and the actions we take.

Yes, even with such a logical and mathematical topic like money.

Our emotions have a mind of their own - we act based on emotions.

It can literally bypass your thinking brain.

No wonder we find ourselves doing things with money we know we either should or shouldn't,

but just feel like we can't help ourselves.

We get into debt to pay for that holiday to see the joy on our kids' faces,

even when we know we *should* save it for a rainy day or their college education.

We buy that fancy car

when a basic model will do.

We take our family out for a nice, expensive meal to celebrate their birthday

when a simple homecooked meal achieves the same outcome.

If you want to make more *rational* and *logical* financial choices,

the first thing to do isn't to look at your spreadsheet.

It's to notice how looking at the spreadsheet makes you feel.

Then, get a handle on your emotions about money.

You can do this by:

  1. journaling your thoughts to bring awareness to them
  2. meditating to reconnect with your inner wisdom and guidance
  3. paying attention to how what you're feeling shows up in your body

They're hardly anything you'll ever learn in a financial talk.

And if you're like me, you might also be open to learning

newer, more updated ways of dealing with your emotions around money.

I use a technique called the MAP Method.

This is a scientifically proven, clinically validated method,

that retrains the way you habitually feel and think,

so you can take different actions from what you've always done.

Because, if what you've always done hasn't gotten you what you wanted, perhaps it's time for a change.

Using the MAP Method is how I stay calm and courageous,

in the face of scary financial situations,

and dig into actions to achieve my goals,

consistently, confidently, and certainly.

Curious how this works?

Then book a free MAP trial with me to see for yourself.

From now until 25 January 2024, I'm offering a 50% discount on my 1:1 coaching program,

12 Weeks to Financial Confidence

When you sign up by 25 January 2024, you also get an additional free private session with me.

In this program, I share everything that's helped me go from

stressed out and anxious about money, deep in a 6-figure debt and angry about it,

to become

relaxed because I feel financially secure and confident I can create what I want,


  • pay 50% of that debt
  • negotiating for the pay I want
  • enjoying more loving and fulfilling relationships
  • getting sponsored for the skills and certifications I need

Book a call with me to find out more.

You still have a few hours to catch the goodies until 25 January 2024, 10 pm, Singapore time.


Sharon Singh Sidhu

I help women overcome financial anxiety and be financially secure. Certified MAP Practitioner & Leadership Trainer. Mindfulness Advocate. Journaling Enthusiast.

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