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Sharing what I'm learning to inspire you to realise your full potential.

Topics I cover: + Personal leadership, development and growth + Productivity, time and stress management + Managing your mindset and emotions to stay focused and committed to your dreams and goals + Taking action and following through with your plans + Continuous learning and improvement to gain mastery in your career

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[Sunday Digest] Being different and defying conventional wisdom could be your superpower!

Hi Reader, How has your week been? I recently had my second article published in The Startup since returning to Medium (yes, I'm totally counting because, wow! did that make me feel good!). I shared the unexpected and invisible perks about running a side hustle, which I still think is the best...
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about 11 hours ago • 1 min read

The 5 lessons from 5 years of side hustling I wished I knew when I started

Hi there, I recently returned to Medium after a break of 4 years. Sometimes I wished I stuck with it when I started in 2018. I was gaining traction, earning some money writing there, even becoming a top writer in a couple of topics. But then I left because I felt my results weren't big and fast...
7 days ago • 4 min read
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