I help gentle, ambitious women get pay increases, promotions & career advancements without stress and burnout.

What I Do

Align Your Career Vision with Your Natural Strengths & Talents

Build Your Confidence to Get What You Want In Your Own Gentle Way

Bring Out the Value You Create to Become Sought After

Create Certainty to Trust Your Career Decisions

Implement a Foolproof System to Guarantee Your Success

Take advantage of your natural strengths as a gentle, compassionate, deep thinker to get results and create an incredibly successful career.

About Sharon

I combine my love for human behavior and psychology with over 2 decades of experience in the corporate world as a certified coach, leadership trainer and HR leader to help you create a successful career.

A highly driven career mom myself, I have previously been told I was too quiet, gentle and compassionate to succeed in the corporate world. Led to believe I had to be someone I wasn't, I achieved the money and job title I wanted but was left feeling empty and unfulfilled, stressed and lost.

I didn't know then, like I know now, that you could define your own version of success in the corporate world. I overcame my fear of public speaking, being told I was too soft spoken and quiet to become a certified coach and stand up leadership trainer.

I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients through my training workshops and coaching by using a quiet, mindful approach to leadership and creating career success on your own terms.

How I Help

Get the Pay Increases, Promotions & Career Advancements You Want By Being Yourself

I help highly ambitious women get the pay increases, promotions and career advancements they want without pretending to be someone they’re not.

Tap Into Your Unique Strengths, Talents & Experience to Make the Money You Want

The core of my philosophy is to help you do work that inspires you and taps into your unique strengths, talents, experiences and skills to make the money you want by being yourself, rather than pretending to be someone you’re not.

Gain Clarity About the Value You Create

My strategies are designed to help you gain clarity and confidence about how you bring value through the work that you do.

Become So Good that Opportunities Come Knocking On Your Door

I help clients increase their value and become so good at what they do that people are willing to pay good money for their expertise.

Create Certainty & Trust in Your Career Decisions & Actions

My frameworks, strategies, techniques and processes help you create certainty and trust in yourself so you can end the doubtful voices in your head that are keeping you stuck despite trying everything to get what you want.

Create a Simple, Foolproof System That Guarantees Results

Complexity makes it difficult to stay committed to taking consistent action to achieve your goals. I share simple principles and techniques that allow you to take daily actions towards your career vision.

Confidently Ask for the Pay Increase, Promotion or Career Advancement You Want

After working with me, you’ll be able to confidently negotiate and ask for the pay increase, promotion and career advancement opportunities you want without feeling afraid, awkward or like you have to be someone you’re not.

Make the Money You Want Through Work That Energizes You So You Can Take Care of the Important Things In Your Life

I’d love to help you do work that energizes you and that you’re passionate about and make great money doing it so you can take care of the important things in your life.

Who I Help

The Career Women I Serve:

Common Attributes:

  • Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers
  • Team Managers, Supervisors, Leads
  • Advisors, Consultants, Specialists, Analysts
  • Project Managers, Coordinators
  • Women with big ambitions
  • Willing to take action to get the results they want
  • An openness to a new way of building a successful career
  • Have a positive and can-do attitude
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Have the Job Security You’re Looking For

Become so valuable that people constantly want what you have to offer so you can stop worrying about job security.

My framework will show you how to give what people want so they’ll gladly give you what you want.

Feel Energized by the Work That You Do

Doing work that doesn’t tap into your unique and natural strengths requires a lot of effort on your part that can leave you feeling drained at the end of the day.

I’ll help you uncover and clearly articulate your unique strengths, talents, and skills so you can do great work that energizes you rather than depletes you.

Be Completely Comfortable Being Yourself at Work

Women often feel they can’t be their natural selves at work because that somehow doesn’t conform to the definition of success in the corporate world.

Use a new approach to be completely courageous and comfortable being yourself and redefine success so that it works for you.

Implement a Foolproof System that Guarantees Results

You’ll never be able to fully enjoy career success if this comes at the expense of your peace of mind.

I specialize in helping highly ambitious women build a successful career where they feel at ease about it because it’s aligned with who they are. My simple system helps you create a foolproof action plan that you can easily implement daily to guarantee the results you want.

5 Steps to be Successful in Your Career in

Your Own Unique Way

Step 1:


Align Your Vision to Who You Are

Most people aren’t clear about what’s really important in their career or what it takes to build that career they want. Learn a methodical framework to help clarify and align this with who you are so that you can focus on creating success that feels good and right to you.

Build Your Confidence

Don’t let your lack of confidence hold you back from asking for the money you want, the promotion you’re seeking or the career advancement you deserve. Stop feeling afraid or awkward about asking for what you want and need in your career.

Step 2:


Step 3:


Be Highly Valued

When you help people solve their problems, you become valuable to them. Become highly valued for what you do so that people will gladly give you the pay increase, promotion and career opportunities that you seek.

Create Certainty

Use a new and scientifically proven method to build self awareness and feel certain and courageous enough to trust yourself to make the right decisions and take the best actions that work for you.

Step 4:


Step 5:


Take the Right Actions

Nothing changes without action. Discover how to identify what are the right actions for you to take that guarantees the result you want.

Clear any resistance that's preventing you from getting the results you want.

Reinforce your dreams & goals so you can focus on the path to your success.

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Here’s What To Expect When You Work With Me

Get a Clear Vision of What You Want In Your Career

Let me help you get honest and clear about what really matters to you and what it takes to create a career you love.

Develop Confidence to Ask for What You Want & Need

Gain the confidence to ask for what you want so you no longer have to feel they don’t appreciate or recognise your efforts.

Become so Valuable They Want to Work with You

Have people approach you to work with them because of the tremendous value you bring so you never have to worry about job security.

Create Certainty & Trust in Yourself to Act with Courage

Finally have the certainty and courage to be yourself at work because that’s exactly what enables you to create the career and financial success you seek.

Take the Right Actions that Produce the Results You’re Looking For

Feel secure knowing that the simple daily actions you take will get you to where you want to be in your career.

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Here’s What Clients Say About Working With Me

“Before I had a coaching session with Sharon, I was feeling tired and exhausted from a long day at work. During our session, Sharon guided me through a relaxation process by giving some commands to my subconscious mind. As we progressed along with our session, I felt slowly relaxing. I was able to let go of all my tension to the point that my headache disappeared. By the end of our session, I felt more relaxed, calmer and ready to take on the remaining part of my day. The change occurred on both the physical and emotional level. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your gifts of healing and transformation." 


“Sharon's sessions have been tremendously helpful for me. I've had a very challenging and stressful season and have started my 1st coaching session with Sharon being very stressed out and overwhelmed. Since then, after each coaching session, I've been able to realise a greater sense of peace, calm and stability. Additionally, I am also experiencing an openness to embrace challenges as they come with a more positive outlook on challenges & negative experiences." 


“Sharon is very patient and approachable. I enjoy her coaching sessions and she is always there to address my doubts or concerns and helps me to understand better. I notice (my) thoughts and behaviours, which in turn (helps me in) slowly changing/improving myself hopefully." 


“After each coaching session, I found myself more at peace and at an utter loss for room for worry. Whatever was discussed as my pain points during my coaching session seemed to dissolve, dissipate and did not feel like pain points after the session. The sessions have really worked and I have not experienced a rebound yet." 


“(The coaching sessions) helped me to perceive some things differently, such as my idea of how fast or slow I am achieving things and what obstacles are holding me back. Thanks Sharon for your coaching and advice! It was an interesting experience and I learnt a few tips to rethink how I deal with situations in life." 


“As I was struggling with my decision to relocate from Hong Kong to Morocco with my family, Sharon tremendously helped me make my choice a serene one. She asked the right questions and by doing so, made it crystal clear to me what were the exact reasons why I needed this change to happen in my life. Thanks to her support, I look forward to this move while feeling immensely grateful for my life experience here in Hong Kong. Sharon is not only a professional and highly competent coach but also and maybe most importantly, a genuinely kind and compassionate human being ❤️." 


“I had the chance to get a one-to-one session with Sharon. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her ability to summarize my struggles very quickly. Sharon has a very clear mind and will get you very practical solutions straight away."


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Our Clients Who See the Best Results Have These Things In Common

Women in Corporate Roles:

Common Attributes:

  • Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers
  • Team Managers, Supervisors, Leads
  • Advisors, Consultants, Specialists, Analysts
  • Project Managers, Coordinators
  • Women with big ambitions
  • Willing to take action to get the results they want
  • An openness to a new way of building a successful career
  • Have a positive and can-do attitude