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Conventional financial advice will not make you rich. Here's why.

Published 17 days ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

Conventional financial advice is outdated and incomplete.

It ignores the root cause of why most people still struggle with money:

Not being aware of and understanding their relationship with money.

Your relationship with money includes all your stories, beliefs, and values about money. It's formed by what the people around you said or did about money when you were growing up.

It continues to be shaped by the people around you now and your own encounters with money.

Without being aware of the invisible money script running in the background of your life, you'll continue to remain in the same place as you've always been with money, no matter how much more financial information you consume.

Most people think they don't know enough about money to be true masters of their financial life and mistakenly believe they need more knowledge or someone else to manage it for them.

No. You don't.

More knowledge and information only comes AFTER you know exactly what your relationship with money is like.

Being aware of and understanding your relationship with money enables you to confidently apply the relevant strategies to the relevant priorities in your financial life.

Starting with a purely logical perspective of spreadsheets and financial plans to master your money is superficial and backward.

It only scratches the surface.

Without taking into account where you stand on your money beliefs and values, it's not sustainable. That's why people just gravitate back to what they've always done with money - no matter how much more of it they make.

You need a more complete approach to money that deals with the root cause of why you're financially not where you want to be yet.

This is what I'll be showing you at my upcoming free workshop, 'Financial Confidence for Women' on 4 April 2024, 8 PM GMT+8:


Let me help you uncover your hidden relationship with money so you can start doing the things that help you create the financial life you want, instead of continuing to remain stuck where you are.

See you there.


Sharon Singh Sidhu

I help women overcome financial anxiety and be financially secure. Certified MAP Practitioner & Leadership Trainer. Mindfulness Advocate. Journaling Enthusiast.

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