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Create breathing room to be financially successful

Published 18 days ago • 2 min read

Hello Reader,

It's really hard to be creative about achieving financial success when you feel like you're going under...drowned by bills and financial obligations.

If you're struggling financially, your priority is to get your head above water.

There are tons of resources available to help you with that.

Here's what I did when I found myself in a 6-figure business debt, with no income, a mortgage, a car loan, and a young family to provide for.

  • Sent the word out to my network that I needed a job. Drop your ego, you need to put food on the table and a roof over your head.
  • Applied for jobs that would at least cover my basic living expenses and NO LESS. Yes, I know, you don't want to be picky when you feel desperate, but remember, you're trading your time for money in a job, so make sure it makes sense financially.
  • Opened my mind to consider options I've not previously entertained. Even though I was considered a mid to senior-level hire, I put my name into temporary agency databases. Guess what? I got a senior-level contract role that opened doors to doing work I love.
  • Continued to invest in my skills - NO EXCUSES. The degree you upgrade yourself is the degree of value you can offer to potential clients, customers, and employers. I got my government-funded training certification while unemployed. This later enabled me to be engaged by the government to train air cabin crew who were grounded because of the pandemic. Very nice side income. The marketplace always pays for value.

When I first realized I had no job but the creditors kept coming, I was of course super stressed.

Meditation and journaling were the only 2 things that kept me sane and going.

I look back now and I'm in awe at how these fluffy, woo-woo tools, seemingly unrelated to the tangible, hard things like money, had anything to do with the financial success I've achieved.

Now I know.

They had EVERYTHING to do with it.

Because they created breathing room for me to come up with all these unconventional, creative solutions to what felt like massive problems in my life at that time.

Over the years, I've added the MAP Method to my toolkit that's turbo-charged my progress.

This is why I'm so passionate about these simple tools,

  • Journaling
  • Mindfulness
  • The MAP Method

to achieve financial success.

They seem so unrelated to money, but I know, at least from my personal experience, that they were fundamental to how I overcame financial struggles and anxiety to create the life I want.

If you want to learn more about how I use these tools to continue scaling new financial heights, come to my free, all-women workshop, 'Financial Confidence for Women' on 4 April 2024, 8 PM GMT+8, to experience it.


Can't wait to see you there!


Sharon Singh Sidhu

I help women overcome financial anxiety and be financially secure. Certified MAP Practitioner & Leadership Trainer. Mindfulness Advocate. Journaling Enthusiast.

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